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smshaffer PRO+
smshaffer February 20, 2018
Very cute
sarabossoletti August 08, 2018
thank you

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Behind The Lens

I took this picture in the living room of my house in front of the Christmas tree
It was late afternoon on December 23rd, the day I found the kitten pictured in the picture
I wanted to take a picture of my new kitten with a very special light and considering the Christmas period I made her approach the Christmas tree to create a unique atmosphere.
I used Canon 80d and 50mm
I had found the kitten retracted a few hours before the photo. after taking a bath, I took her home and obviously the first thing to do was a nice picture. She turned around curiously to study his new home well and what I wanted to capture was just the first look that would have directed me to the lens
I did not use a lot of post-processing if I did not play a bit with the exposure, the lights and shadows to maximize the effect of the lights in the background.
In my camera bag
generally in my backpack I canon 80d, canon 24-105, canon 50mm, tamron 70-300 and tokina 11-20. Of course you can not miss my ND1000 nisi filter and the cleaning kit to keep everything clean and tidy.
A similar shot is the perfect mix of love for animals, especially cats, photography and the desire to capture something special and unique.

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