The Monastery

The famous monastery in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Petra in Jordan. Seen from the rear entrance of the ancient rock carved city that runs through the mounta...
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The famous monastery in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Petra in Jordan. Seen from the rear entrance of the ancient rock carved city that runs through the mountains north of Petra. This see through was an amazing view.
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Neckbone June 29, 2018
Awesome image!
sakevanpelt June 29, 2018
stephenbrittle December 25, 2018
daveseye Platinum
daveseye January 01, 2019
Lisetta3 September 08, 2021
Beautiful shot!
Lisetta3 September 08, 2021
Ps Visited few years back and loved it!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was made in the ancient city Petra in Jordan. Because we've been here before we asked our guide to take us through another route than the more common el-siq canyon that leads to the famous "Treasury". We walked to Petra by the ancient back entrance and at some point we turned around a corner and the top of the "Monastery" popped above the landscape.
We started the day early because we had quite a walk before us and we wanted to enjoy Petra for as much time as was possible. For the light it doesn't really matter because the sky was completely covered in clouds for the whole day. The photo was made at 10:08 hours in the morning.
As I said, the sky was completely covered in clouds so there were little to no shadows and the light was really soft.
To create a feeling that you are relatively close to the monument, I used a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 telelens at 135mm to compress the landscape. I used my Sony A77II camera to capture the photo.
Ancient history is something that appeals to a lot of people. To really get into the mood we decided to take another route than the regular tourists. This gave me the opportunity to shoot the monument from a completely different perspective than what everyone else does. I wanted to capture it from a perspective that the people back in history would also experience. It towers above the landscape and because you can only see the top it makes you feel very small.
I didn't do that much post-processing to be honest. I reduced the highlights in the sky because there were no details visible any more. for the rest I lighted up some dark places and enhanced the red colours in the rock a little, but tried to keep it as natural as possible.
In my camera bag
When I'm on a trip I try to not carry around to much. On this particular trip I had my Sony A77II camera, a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 lens and a tripod just in case I wanted to make a group photo of shoot inside a dark tomb.
Step out of the paved paths that everyone else takes. Ask your guide to the spots that are not crowded with tourist looking for that postcard (selfie) shot. Try to find a unique perspective. Also, try to let loose the conventions of lens choice for landscapes. It's not prohibited to use a telelens for landscapes ;)

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