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Dasha U Usova

Dasha U Usova
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spyrozarifopoulos PRO+
spyrozarifopoulos January 29, 2018
Thank you VIEWBUG for being selected as a Staff Favorite !!!
SafariShootS March 04, 2018
Love this shot. Killer image.
pgpapas July 17, 2018
Love the focus on face only - Great shot!
davidparkhurst July 18, 2018
Very good
Beardog2003 PRO+
Beardog2003 August 03, 2018
Beautiful and inviting

Behind The Lens

Photo of the beautiful Dasha Usova a very experienced local model...This was taken in Park City, UT during my recent visit there.
Late morning shoot all natural light, which is my favorite way to shoot. Had to bump the ISO in order to get a decent speed. Using a shallow depth of field, I wanted to draw all the attention to her face and beautiful eyes and let the background softly blur...but definitely making sure to compliment her femininity in a very elegant way.
Natural window light...Sun reflecting off the surrounding snow. Picture was taken indoors using ISO 2500, f1.7 at 1/180th seconds
This particular photo was taken using a Leica Monochrom M246 with a Leica M Noctilux .95 handheld. I usually shoot handheld even if I shooting at a studio with a strobe and steady light setup. I feel that the tripod limits my spontaneity if I want to capture something quickly. ( expressio, light change, different angle etc)
Dasha's eyes and beautiful look inspired me to capture her in this position and lighting using the Leica Monochrom to create the right ambiance. Being in the cold snowy Park City area the use of the fur coat against her soft skin and wooden table seemed appropriate.
Minimal PP was done with Adobe LR cc. I am not a fan of heavy PP for my images, as I believe in sharing with others exactly what I saw and not some distant PP derivative.
In my camera bag
Depends on the trip...but I always have my Leica M246 and Noctilux 50mm with me and depending on the shoot either my SONY A7r III or my Fuji GFX 50s with mostly prime lenses, 35, 50, 75 and 90 or 135.
You always know and feel if the situation is right to capture the "mood" of the moment. Using an experienced model makes it that much easier. Having the proper rapport with the model is essential in communicating and capturing that feel through the lens.

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