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Rose, just opening

A lovely rosebud in the garden another bit of Macro photography,

A lovely rosebud in the garden another bit of Macro photography,
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margaretwickham September 19, 2018
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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in the back garden of our home. During the different seasons the garden has given me a wealth of inspiration. There is always something to photograph, flowers, fruit, vegetables, birds and various insects.
I love this image, I spotted the rose during the day. It was just opening, the petals just beginning to unfurl. The first petal to open had a beautiful wavy edge which made it more interesting and the colouring was so soft. The sun was shining, which can bleach the colour, so I left it until later for a photograph. This image was taken at 8.30pm on the 7th July 2013.
I wanted the rose to look like it was emerging (which it was) out of the darkness, so I wanted the background out of focus but the foreground light and in focus. The sun was dropping down and the rose bush was now in the shade. I upped my ISO to 400 and took a few shots.
The camera, Canon EOS 450D, was on a tripod. The lens was 18-55 mm, f4.5, 1/250s
The answer to that question is "my love of photography" . I love beautiful things, roses are beautiful, have many different colours and many different stages in their growth. If they look unusual in any way they are even more interesting. This rose needed to be photographed and shown to others to enjoy. Inspiration comes from within, everyone is different. I know what I like and when I see it my camera is always at hand.
I shoot in RAW and always develop my images in PhotoShop. For this image I adjusted the exposure to -0.30, increased the clarity and added a +4 saturation. I also cropped the image to centralize the rose, rule of thirds!
In my camera bag
Good question, it depends on where I am and what I might need. First in would be my Canon EOS 70D body. My favourite lens is my 25 - 135 mm. This takes wide angle, zoom and macro but is quite heavy. I like my 10 - 18 mm wide angle and use this quite often when on holiday. For portraits I have a 50 mm, great for close ups! Old faithful is my kit lens, 18 - 55 mm, lightweight and so easy to use. All the lenses are Canon. In the bag I always include a spare battery, lens cloth, remote control (Hahnel), black plastic bag, in case I have to take low shots of kneel. I also carry a pen and notebook.
Know you garden, watch out for the unusual. Don't take just one shot (sometimes that works but not always) try different angles and different times during the day, lighting is always changing. Visualise what you want the end result to be. I won't guarantee it always works but above all experiment and enjoy what you are doing. I do xx

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