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Jan, 2018

The night at 3000 ft

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Won Contest Finalist in Experimental Light Photo ContestJune, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Compositions 101 Photo Contest vol5May, 2018
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Behind The Lens

Photo taken after the closure of the ski slopes, about 3000 feet in the Val Gardena Dolomites (Italy)
The climate in the high mountains is variable at any moment, the clouds are moving fast, and the light of the sunset reflected on the snow created a suggestive spectacle, immersed in an almost unreal silence. The photo was taken in January 2018, around 17.30.
The light and the colors are the natural ones of a sunset, there are no exaggerated post-productions.
Tripod, canon 6D, 24-105 f4 L
I wanted to capture the particular moment where part of the scene looked like night lit by artificial lights, and the upper part of the landscape was still pervaded by natural light. I was inspired by the painting by Van Gogh: "Terrace of coffee in the evening, Place du Forum, Arles"
Used only camera raw,No exaggeration of the colors, the ambient light of the sunset was magical and perfect in itself.
In my camera bag
Tripod,canon 6D,24-105 f4 Stabilizer L series.
Shoot during or immediately after sunset, look for artificial lighting such as lighthouses or street lamps, and simultaneously capture part of the sky and landscapes. Recommended suburbs of cities and parks where there are also strong environmental illuminations.

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