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cometolifephotography November 11, 2018
Great shading
StarPhotographer November 13, 2018
Thank you much appreciated
LETSGOPHOTOSHOOT November 11, 2018
Great lighting and presentation.!!!!!
StarPhotographer November 13, 2018
thank you
RGHunt Mar 28
Outstanding capture
Thank you

Vintage Barn

Vintage barn on the Alberta Prairies
Vintage barn on the Alberta Prairies
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken on a farm in Rivière Qui Barre, Sturgeon County in Alberta Canada. Rivière Qui Barre is about 48.5 km (30.1 miles) from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
The photo was taken on a cold winter's afternoon at sunset at about 4:20 pm in the afternoon. Alberta has long nights and short days during the winter. Winter months could be very cold with a lot of snow.
I wanted to capture a photo of this barn at sunset with the sun shining on the front of the barn, it was worth waiting for a clear day as the skies could be very white in the winter months. This barn is well over 100 years old and still in use as you could see from the footsteps in the snow. Leaving the footsteps in the snow, makes the person looking at the photo feel that the barn is still in use and there is someone in the area.
I used my Canon 5 D Mark IV with my favourite wide angle L Lens 17 - 40 mm with the assistance of my tripod. I did not use any other lighting and the light falling on this magnificent barn is the natural afternoon sun rays just before dusk.
I live in a rural area and is always looking for historical buildings that makes Alberta History great. Making this barn special is that it is well maintained and still in use after 100+ years.
I used the usual techniques that I use with most of my photos, in Photoshop Raw and Photoshop:- I Corrected the Profile to Landscape, Changed the White Balance, Lens Correction, Remove Chromatic Aberration, bring the the Highlights up and the Shadows down, I also corrected the Whites and the Blacks. Capturing a photo in the right conditions is important to me, I don't like to change a photo too much as it makes it look less natural.
In my camera bag
I try and keep my bag as light as possible, I carry my Canon 17 - 40 mm L Lens and my Canon 5D Mark IV camera, to prevent my lens cap of being misplaced, I usually have a pocket in my dress or shirt to place the lens cap in, when not in use. Having a cloth (glass cleaner) to wipe the lens before using it, is also easier than taking spots of photos afterwards. My tripod is an important addition to my day out, in the winter months I carry gloves and a plastic bag with me. Taking photos outdoors could cause the camera to build up condensation when bringing it indoors, placing it in a plastic bag could help prevent that.
Taking photos in the winter months is always special to me, the sun rises early and the sunsets early in the afternoons. It is important to have the right equipment with you taking photos in the winter months. It is however important to stay safe and warm in these conditions. My Canon Camera sometimes malfunctions in the cold weather, I then get back into a warm place with my camera safely in a plastic bag. I also carry a towel with me should I have to get close to the wet or snow covered floor. I watch the weather closely to see when the skies are blue or when it is going to be a nice sunset, or is there frost on the trees, or is it snowing, these conditions could ad beauty to a photo.

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