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pietnel June 09, 2018
Gorgeous model

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Behind The Lens

This was taken on the steps of our County Court house. (Martinsville, IN)
I'm a huge lover of shooting outside. Of course we all hate the harsh sun so in this photo the court house steps face the north (building blocks most of the harsh sun)
Totally available light. When shooting outside I try to look for cement to reflect light. In this case it worked just as planned.
This was shot with my Canon 1DX and Sigma 135mm. (settings ƒ/2.8/1/200s/ISO 320). Spiderholster and Spiderstrap.
I have certain spots I love to shoot around town. I try to get one laying down shot. Because i'm so short its hard for me to take them straight down thats why I elevate them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. In this case everything came together.
I shoot RAW and fix any shadows, highlights then add a bit of exposure if needed last I will add sharpening. I then bring the image into photoshop where I remove blemishes and sometimes dodge under the eyes and burn where needed.
In my camera bag
On high school senior shoots I tend to pack light. I bring both my 1DX and 5DMarkIV. (i'll only shoot one but have the other handy if I need it. My Canon 85 1.2 RARELY leaves my camera at the end of the shoot when we move to fields or woods I'll shoot my Canon 200f2 because I have more room. This photo was shot with my Sigma 135. I typically only mount it to my 5dMarkiv because it misses focus with my 1DX. Another piece of equipment I can NOT shoot without is my spider holster and spider strap. I'm completely lost without them. 90% of my shoots I use a reflector. I do have my profoto lighting in the car on shoots if I need it.
When shooting anything lower than an aperture of 2.0 make sure your keep your clients eyes parallel to the camera. You may not be able to see the lack of sharpness on your LCD but I promise you will see it on your computer and print. Its very hard to go back and redo the shoot.

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