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Abandoned lorry

A lorry from years ago.

A lorry from years ago.
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Winner in old trucks Photo Challenge
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martinburgess PRO+
martinburgess April 23, 2018
Really good picture.
charterswilliamosborne PRO+
charterswilliamosborne November 13, 2020
Congratulations. Well captured.
SmallTownKatt PRO
SmallTownKatt November 13, 2020
Congratulations on your challenge award, Erik!
bobtoye PRO+
bobtoye November 17, 2020
Sweet shot!

Behind The Lens

I take this photo recently in Portugal in the neigberhood from the hill the Monchique. I now already before that the car was standing there and i was specialy going to there to make a view photos. This one i like it most.
I take the photo in the afternoon and the sun was not shining, byt the light in Portugal is always strong and beautiful.
I must say that most of the time i am underexposere the photo, because i can get more details out of the picture when i finish the photo in the computer. I am always finish my photos with the computer and when i agry the pic, i put my name on it.
I use my Nikon D7200 with an 18-140 lens. I take the photo so nearly as possible on 18 mm. In this case i do not use a tripot or other equipment.
The car inspired me because he was so ugly from oldnes and the color of the paint was beautiful.
At this moment i take the photos in jpes, but i am going to experiment with raw photos. At the moment i use a simple app with the name snapseed and its free to download.
In my camera bag
I have my Nikon D7200, lens 18 140, a 85 micro nikkor, a sigma 150 500 lens, a ringflash from nissan a very heavy tripod and some filters with me.
The best camera is the camera you have with you. Do your best to finish the photo, because you do not take a photo, but you MAKE a photo from the begin till the end. Look always to photos from other people for inspiring yourself. Try to make a photo just a little diffrent than other people, because you must do your best to make a better photo than with a telephone.

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