Autumn Bower II





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DonTX January 14, 2014
This is priceless! What a beautiful autumn scene you have here!
julierikerdant January 14, 2014
Thank you Don! ;)
valeriemurchie-stolpe January 14, 2014
I have a picture very similar to this that hasn't been uploaded yet. After seeing this it might not get posted. Yours is so much better.
julierikerdant January 14, 2014
Thank you Valerie! I am sure, after seeing your work, that it is beautiful! None of us work in exactly the same way. I think mine is mainly my penchant for strong, bold colors that catch the eye is all.
carloscestari January 15, 2014
Beautiful textures, colors and atmosphere. I find myself walking down that path.
julierikerdant February 11, 2014
Thanks Carlos! Sorry such a late reply...missed it for some reason. ;0(
iceman2 January 21, 2014
Excellent capture with beautiful color harmony!
julierikerdant February 11, 2014
Thank you iceman2! Much appreciated..sorry for the delay in my response! ;(
julierikerdant February 11, 2014
I thank the Staff for the Staff Favorite award!!!! Don't know where else to post a thank you, but I'm very happy and grateful! ;)
westi PRO+
westi February 15, 2014
Can't stop looking. So inviting!
julierikerdant February 15, 2014
Thank you, westi! ;)
JDLifeshots February 23, 2014
Beautiful! Congrats.
julierikerdant February 23, 2014
Thank you so much JD! ;)
jefflaidlaw May 17, 2014
Beautiful; vibrant, rich and full of texture and life :) Well done
julierikerdant July 31, 2014
Thank you Jeff! This is one of my personal favorites. ;) I've been enjoying your mountain scenes on FB..but have been super busy. I'll have a lull maybe soon...lol
mcampi PRO+
mcampi April 19, 2015
Your colors really pop, I wash we had more hardwood trees whate I live.
julierikerdant October 08, 2015
Sorry, Mark, that I overlooked this comment. ;( Thanks for leaving it and the compliment. Yeah..I do like my colors to pop. lol I have a couple of friends in Southern Australia and they both say they really wish they did too.
Beegirl October 14, 2016
Great capture and nice colors
julierikerdant November 09, 2016
Thank so much, Medlabtech!! ;)

Behind The Lens

This particular one is only 8 miles south of my home in southern Indiana, but I'd never traveled down it before. "Autumn Bower" is the title that came to mind as soon as I saw that small opening up ahead with the blue sky peeking through. Not many places like this are left so I am excited when I discover them.
I was driving by myself in the early afternoon in mid October in 2012. Looking for Fall scenes. I remember thinking before I found this little road, that I might as well head on back to town, as I'd pretty much been on all of the roads around that area. I turned around and driving back toward home I saw a little gravel road that I'd not noticed before and decided to turn onto it to see where it might lead to. "It can't be too long of a road", I thought, as I knew the highway had to be just on the other side of those woods. Well...just around a turn to the right...this pretty scene presented itself. You just never know what is right around the bend....literally as well as metaphorically.
I used the available light for this shot.
Handheld with my Fuji FinePix S9750. No flash, no extra lens.
This is what I do. I seek out the smallest of country roads, preferably unpaved, to find "the country" as it looked in my great grandparents' era. I was out driving looking for some great Autumn scenery to shoot, that I'd not seen before. I also keep a sharp eye out for any abandoned houses and barns or old buildings.
I think all I did on this shot was to make the sky a little more blue, and bumped up the color a bit.
In my camera bag
The bare minimum. The less I have the better for me. I need SIMPLE. ;) You've heard the term "She can't chew gum and walk at the same time."? That might have been me ,,,,,
Use natural light, of course. Best to use a tri-pod, but I find them cumbersome and do not utilize them as much as I probably should. Find a curve or even better an S curve, as it definitely adds interest.

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