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ales_neumeister April 25, 2018
Beautiful photo
John256 April 25, 2018
That looks cold, but beautiful.
Fergal123 April 25, 2018
Cool very fairytale
WolfEyesPhotography April 25, 2018
Beautiful photo!!!
arvydassvirka April 28, 2018
Nice picture! I am from Lithuania :) I've seen so many pictures of Trakai Castle that it seemed no one could surprise me anymore. But you did! The bridge is very inviting when curved! I like it!
nataliehampel June 11, 2018

Trakai winter tale

From my last trips to Lithuania, the last one during Christmas, was probably the less productive one (talking only about photography :)) On the same day, i trav...
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From my last trips to Lithuania, the last one during Christmas, was probably the less productive one (talking only about photography :)) On the same day, i travelled for surise and sunset to Trakai castle, wishing the sun to appear in the morning and wishing to be the bridge full of non-stepped snow in the afternoon, as it was snowing for most of the day. I was not lucky with my expectations. However, it's always a pleasure to visit this location no matter what the conditions are.
Here i am uploading not the most natural view of the Trakai castle but wanted to experiment a little bit with that bridge. Some day i will upload a more traditional frame of it.
Thanks for reading :)
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in the beautiful city of Trakai, Lithuania.
It was taken about one hour after sunset (which couldn't see because of dense clouds).
Any lighting in this scene was just the public lights of the bridge, which I tried to take in my advantage for this image.
I used my Canon 6D with the Canon 16-35mm f4 IS L with a GND 0.9 filter, all over my Fotopro carbon tripod.
I am in love with this location since the first time I visited. I travel to Lithuania at least once every year and I usually try to find some time to visit Trakai, which gives to photographers so different images depending of the season. Last winter, during Christmas, I was staying in Alytus, about 100 km from this place when I thought that the snowfall of these days could be a good reason to capture the Trakai castle. And so I did, at first in the early morning, expecting to have some beautiful lights at sunrise (which I didn't get); and then after sunset, when I took this photo.
This image is a panorama of 7 vertical shots stitched them with Photoshop. I had to deal a little bit with the perspective corrections... anyway, I decided to let that distorsion in the foreground, which in my opinion gives a kind of sense of place to the viewer. Even after spending some time in postproccessing, it was not until today that looking again to the image uploaded to Viewbug I saw that there is a little "mistake" in the right-bottom corner. I promise it will not happen again :))
In my camera bag
I usually take with me the Canon 6D with the Canon 16-35mm f4 IS L, a Canon 70-200mm f4 IS L and Canon 50mm f1.4. I have some other specific lenses which I take or not depending what kind of shoots I have planned for a given day. I also take few filters, torchs, batteries... and my carbon fiber tripod.
My advice when you take such a panorama with a kind of symmetry is to place yourself in the middle of the path (the bridge in this case). Then, pay attention to the nodal point of your lens in order to get the different images easily stitched in postprocessing and finally, take the row of images you want to be included in your finally image. I usually place the camera looking to what would be the central image of the panorama. Then, I move the camera left or right having in mind how many degrees you move the ballhead, as I want the central shot of the panorama to be exactly (or as close as possible) in the middle in order to help with the perspective of the main subject (the castle in this case) when you stitched you images.

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