this is wonderful, i really love the moody tones you've used!
Natsharp90 Feb 16
Thank you! =)
korinna Feb 13
Voted on IOM contest
Natsharp90 Feb 16
Thank you for the vote!
Djacqu Mar 13
Wonderful photo.
Parallel Mar 19
Great shot! My congratulations!
Vika from Ukraine
Ckinkade Jul 15

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Jan, 2018

Grand View & Moody Skies

Moody skies and grand views over Edinburgh.

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at the top of Camera Obscura in Edinburgh, Scotland. It's located just next to the castle on the Royal Mile and since 1853, has been guaranteeing visitors some of the best views of the city. I love visiting places that give a grand view of the cityscape and this one did not disappoint. Edinburgh is a such a romantic city, full of old rooftops and cobbled streets; the whole city is a living historic monument.
This photo may give the illusion that it was taken in the late afternoon but it was actually around midday. The day I went here was the winter solstice, when the time from sunrise to sunset was just seven hours. The sun made it's way across the sky so low in the horizon that with the right cloud coverage the whole day could be an excellent sunrise or sunset.
I didn't add any special lighting to capture this photo, none was needed for nature did it all for me and I typically don't use a flash in the day. It was just such a fantastically moody sky combined with the low winter sun, it was perfection against Edinburgh's cityscape and I wanted to capture it just as it was.
This photo was actually just taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7. I didn't have any equipment with me, I had gone as a tourist and was greeted at the top with this magical view and moody sky and used the only thing I had on me at the time.
I mentioned before that I love going to places that give grand views over cities and that was one of the reasons I made sure to go to Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. I love the glimpse of the sea in the background, the old rooftops and jutting monuments, and I love the sense that looking out from here can give a snapshot of Edinburgh's history, its present, future, and atmosphere. I wanted to capture that.
I use Lightroom to edit my photos. As this was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 it was a JPEG file and I had to do some minor adjustments to contrast the photo more and really bring out that sky against the cityscape. I also softened the photo so the sky, despite its contrasting colours, merged smoothly into each other without harsh lines.
In my camera bag
I actually don't own a camera! A few of my friends enjoy photography and if I'm lucky I can borrow whatever they have to take photos but a lot of the time it's actually just me and my camera phone. I'm fairly new to photography and still trying to find my feet and style but I know I love it already. I'd love to get a whole setup though, I'm eyeing up a Sony Alpha A7R III and I'm hoping to really capture some beautiful places with the justice they deserve.
My advice would be to plan where you want to take the photo, know where to get those views, and plan to go with the weather and time of day that will create an atmosphere you want to capture. I find the most atmospheric shots are often shot when the skies aren't clear. Don't be afraid of overcast skies and a forecast of rain. While others make their way indoors to shelter from the elements is often the time to actually get out with your camera.

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