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Ganz tolles Bild.

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Jan, 2018

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Behind The Lens

The shot was taken in the last days of December 2017. The location was a private room, furnished with antique stuff. I'm not the studio-photographer so i love "a living location".
We're started the set around lunch time, the weather on 29.12.2017 was sunny and we got also a sky from bright to blue. so good options to use only available light.
I've choose the position that the model got the light from behind (window light) and used a reflector in front of her right side to bring light in her face. this was a decision about the mood what i like to have in the photo later.
I like to work with 85 prime lenses, so also in this case the shot is done with 85/1.4. this photo was captured by 250sec/f1.8/ISO 640. In the moment i work with Nikon but this is no reason to get the photo like it is.
Definitely the model and the location my work i like to show female emotions and so also in portraiture i like to have a result what gives the viewer an impression with a special mood.
Normally my workflow in post-processing starts with LR (first adjusting) and goes to PS (retouch) and again back to LR for b/w-conversion and mood-adjustments.
In my camera bag
Like i've told before is that i work with Nikon in the moment. In my bag i've always with me : D810 body / 35 sigma art / 50 sigma art / 85/1.4 Nikon / 135 sigma art / SB 900 / SB 700 / collapsible beauty dishes from roundflash / bluetooth-speaker for the models music. In a separate bag i bring always 3 pc travel-tripods / 2 collapsible 5-in-one-reclectors / clamps, gaffer taper, etc.)
my basic idea for this photoshoot was to create something in portrait but in my style. So i've met the model on location and used my gear to reach something what i was able to combine between model and location and light and equipment....the technical way about the light i've just described in a upper question...i think that each photo lives about the details about location/model/pose/light/mood. Something similar is easy to arrange for everybody if he uses my descibtion and "fill" it with his own "point of view".

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