boltuss2017 Jan 02
interesting facial expression
RuneHolthen Jan 02
Simoncred Jan 03
I love this. It's a really good shot, every single (wayward) hair is sharp. and I love the tonality, my kind of picture Great work :)
aledua Jul 05
Thank you so much to everyone for visiting and kind words. I really appreciate each of them !!!

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Jan, 2018

Mr B/W

Blackandwhite portrait of a mystery man, taken in Prague.
I collect these portraits on the streets while waiting for the right moment. In an affort to make intimate portraits of beggars and homeless people I'm talking with them to capture the real emotion in them. They have lot of stories to tell. The loss of a job, a marriage breakup, ill health, mental problems... can result in people on the streets. By and large, people don't choose to be homeless. Those are stories where I usually lern something new. I want my images to tell the story of people, whether homeless people or not. I especially look at their eyes, feel empathy and sometimes give them money. I let them tell their stories through pictures.

Many thanks for visiting my gallery. Your comments are greatly appreciated! Have a beautiful day, my friends!

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