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Choosing a bride

It's a tradition at weddings. The bride gives out to all the girls who are not married ribbons. Then he closes his eyes and the girls walk around in circle...
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It's a tradition at weddings. The bride gives out to all the girls who are not married ribbons. Then he closes his eyes and the girls walk around in circles. The bride pulls for one ribbon and gives her bouquet. Now the chosen one should get married soon.
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katydid1 March 16, 2018
The emotions and the culture come through for this magical moment. And thank you for sharing the story BTL. Your words at the end are inspirational!

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Behind The Lens

On this day we were at the wedding of relatives. And I, as usual, took a camera with me. The wedding was very cheerful, there were a lot of young people. All the photos from this day turned out amazing. But this shot was special. At the end of the wedding, all the unmarried girls gather in a circle, in the center stands a bride with a bouquet, to which are tied ribbons, except one. Girls take on a ribbon and dance to music around. When the music ends, they pull the ribbons and the one whose ribbon comes off wins. The winner receives a bouquet of the bride. According to the belief, this girl should get married within a year. But, not long before the beginning of this event, I was approached by a photographer, which was hired for shooting the whole celebration, and asked to shoot the last scene, tk. she urgently needed to go home. I agreed and at the same time I understood that I had a great responsibility and I had to catch the unforgettable moment of this scene. I hope I succeeded!
The holiday lasted from morning until late at night. And the competition was at the very end. It was about 11 pm.
It was dark outside, and the room was lit by a beautiful backlight for a romantic moment. You had to use a flash to shoot. But then I saw that the operator who shoots the video, highlights the scene with a lamp and I liked this light. I began to catch the moments when he covered the details I needed.
By the end of the evening my main camera NIKON D610 was completely discharged and only the old combat friend was left))) NIKON D5000 In order to capture the whole scene, I put SAMYANG AE14mm In the bag were still lenses NIKKOR 24-70 mm and NIKKOR 70-300 mm Tripod CULLMANN germany
The excellent mood of the company helped me to catch a good moment.
Postprocessing in this photo is not much. Basically it's a contrast and light accents. I lightened the center a little, but darkened the edges and "muffled" the details.
In my camera bag
NIKON D610 NIKKOR 24-70 mm NIKKOR 70-300 mm SAMYANG AE14mm Tripod CULLMANN germany
It does not matter which camera you shoot, it could even be a modern phone. The main thing is that you do this with a soul and carefully watched the scene. Find a place for the scene to be lighted in the best way possible. Choose a good racurs. And then you will only have to watch the emotions. Be ready, shoot as soon as the action is inflamed. And you will definitely get a great picture. Good luck to you!

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