Porcelain and tin

The porcelain skinned beauty of Ms Bayliss and the contrast of an old tin bath

The porcelain skinned beauty of Ms Bayliss and the contrast of an old tin bath
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Neckbone January 02, 2018
Nice contrast and tones. Curves and her look are well captured, congrats!
raymond759 September 12, 2018
Beautiful model, beautiful setting, beautifully captured.
ahuffaker PRO+
ahuffaker September 12, 2018
Very nice shot... Tony
pietnel November 26, 2018
Gorgeous beautiful butt love it

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a weekend long shoot in Wales, arranged by a local studio.
This was taken at around midday on 7th Sept 2013. We went under the shade of the trees to get away from the midday sun and constantly shifting shadows and thought the trees added to the secluded, alfresco bathing theme as well as helping us out with the variable lighting conditions. The sun was constantly going in and out of cloud cover.
The natural light under the trees was lovely and defused and didn't require anything further. We were very lucky in that respect.
This was shot hand held with a Nikon D7000, 50mm f1.8 Nikon lens. No reflectors or fill flash, just natural light. The settings were ISO200, f2.8, 1/250 sec shutter speed
I saw the old tin bath leaning up against a wall in the barn and gave it a clean down. We carried it out in to grounds underneath the trees as the light was amazing and then just played around until we got this shot. There was many from this set that I liked but this one was one that grabbed me from the outset. I just had a theme of in nature / alfresco in my mind and worked my shots around that. Having a great model who is also an amazing photographer in her own right also helped.
I did very little to alter the tones apart from boosting the contrast ever so slightly and removing some straps marks on the models back. The lighting, location and subject all came together to leave me very little to adjust post pressing the button. My aim is always to get as much right in camera before hand to save time editing.
In my camera bag
I travel fairly light generally. Just my D7000 and a Nikon 50mm f1.8 and Sigma 105mm lens. Sometimes I take my 18-300mm but it's heavy so not all the time. The 50mm is my go to lens as it's pin sharp and quick to focus.
I'm always looking for something different to use as a prop. I've used old tin baths, metal cart wheels, stone walls, tree stumps and then just experiment until it works. Check your backgrounds for distractions. Communicate with your model. Most importantly for me, just enjoy yourself and let your imagination run wild. Sometimes things don't work, but sometimes it all just comes together and leaves you with something you can be proud of.

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