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Dec, 2017

subjective reality

Watching some videos of excursions to do on youtube, I happened to have a video made on the rope of top leaders, which I did two or three years ago, I do not remember. This made me think of something, a phrase that I said on that very top.
"I do not understand the sense of taking a camera, so it's not for me that kind of thing". At the time, I would never have thought I was so fond of photography. I love going to the mountains and photographing the wild that can still be found in it, I love remembering the hardships and the dangers, the stupid things; but sometimes, when I can (conditions permitting), I love trying to create the perfect picture for me, and this is a feeling that photography in the mountains does not always give you: how many shots I have discarded due to errors due to cold, storms of sand, water, ice and so on and so forth. In this case the conditions were optimal, and as soon as I did the various shots, I was aware that this shot would make me happy. It does not happen so often to be honest to be happy for a composition, many times I'm happy just because I managed to extract the camera from the cold.
And this waiting in front of a tripod with a reflex mounted above is one of the most relaxing and fun things that exists, also because it is hoped that it can improve the light, the colors, you wait for the dark but you have those 5/10 minutes before that you can not see anything anymore.
This kind of photography is a study of timing, you're wrong and you do not get what you want, there's still too much to learn.
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