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Dec, 2017

This fog is on fire

First time in 5 years in Dubai I see the sunset-illuminated fog and I consider myself so lucky to be able to capture this moment from an excellent location. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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Behind The Lens

This photo is taken from the infamous "twisty" tower in Dubai Marina, called the Cayan Tower.
As the sun was going down heading for sunset, the fog was still going strong, illuminating the fog in a magnificent way.
Normally the fog looks just white in your photos from this city if you manage to get above the clouds. In this case, it was fantastic opportunity to have the low hanging sun shining just above the fog making the colours fabulous.
I shot this using my Canon 6D mark ii and in fact it is the outtake from the time-lapse video that I was shooting for the sake of checking how it's going to look like coming out of this camera.
Fog pictures are so to say what made me famous. Not that I am famous, but I got a few oooh and aahhhs and even managed to win myself a trip to Iceland with one of my fog pictures, so if the fog game is on, it's time to get somewhere high and hope for the best.
There is very liitle post processing in this photo, I didn't even take out the lens flare. I did straighten the buildings a touch and added a bit more contrast in Nik Collection.
In my camera bag
If I travel, I always have a fujifilm XT2 camera with me, but when I am home in Dubai I usually shoot with Canon (unless I am in the desert). I have a bunch of tripods, if I shoot low I use gitzo, otherwise maybe the RRS tq-24, or for table top shots - the manfrotto... or if I just get caught somewhere and I only have the benro in my car, I use this one. I have a polarizer in my bag for 77 lenses, and I love the effect of a 10 stop ND filter, but I would only bring it if there is anything to stop so much.
Always check the weather, always think where you gonna go in case the fog appears. Ask everyone you meet if you can come shoot from their balcony (in case they live somewhere high) and help other people with locations, then they will be likely to help you.

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