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A capitaving and gorgeous portrait image of this model Katia.

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Dec, 2017


Modèle: Katia
Photographer / Retoucheur: #YvesChollet
By © #Y_C_Photography 2017

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Won Curator's ChoiceJanuary, 2018


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Behind The Lens

I took this picture on a street in Aigle in Switzerland
In the morning around 10 am it was very cold, and I really thank Katia for her courage
Just natural light, place the model in a place where light does not come directly, and use the environment as a reflector ;)
Just my Nikon D810 and my lens 50 mm 1.4
All my work is inspired by that of these two photographers, Peter Coulson and Peter Lindbergh, the very natural side, the human side without physical retouching, just accentuating the shadows and lights. the window side of natural light.
I edit very little, I correct imperfections as buttons if there is. Otherwise no physical retouching. I correct a little light, shadows, and if necessary I mitigate the light and shading too marked. I use cc ligtroom and cc photoshop.
In my camera bag
the material in my bag depends on the subject, for shooting in general there is my D810 from Nikon, my 50mm 1.4, a flash just in case, that's all.
The advice I can give and the next. 1. be welcoming. 2. Human 3. Put at ease the model with whom you work 4. Treat them as a human being and with respect and not as a piece of meat as some do. For the technical side: Look around the environment, annoy the light and what can be used as a natural reflector. Place your model as you want, with the light you like. Watch that there is nothing that catches the eye in the environment of your model, it's all that does not have to remove afterwards. Set your device at best to have a minimum of post processing work. I hope these advisors can help you, truancy and work;). If you do not succeed immediately persevere is how we achieve our goals;).

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