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Behind The Lens

In Kamchatka - Russia, on Kurile lake
Taken in the morning, on the lake where river runs to it and brings the desired food - salmons
Lighting was not so easy, not much light, often raining and every morning with a lot of fog and mists.
Taken with Canon 5dmark III, 400/2,8 - no tripod, no flash
One of my dreams/plans for this trip to Kamchatka was to get as close as possible (and as save as possible, of course) and take the photo eye to eye with this beautiful creature. The distance is easy - the bears do not feel disturbed and are interested in salmon catching so they can get close, but still they show a lot of respect to us and they do not look directly into human's eyes - mostly just a side look like this one.
I just changed a bit of the white balance to colder, put a bit of clarity to the bear, moved down on the higlights because of the water surface
In my camera bag
FF Canon camera, longer lense - 400 - 500 mm, shorter lense 70-200 and one for landscapes 16-35, extenders, equipment for cleaning the lenses or the camera etc.
The best period to go to Kamchatka to Kurile lake is end of July, August, beginning of September - you need to have an equipment to stay in very cold, often rainy days and nights, in a tent, count with cold weather, very cold water, no heating, limited access to electricity, no wifi, only satelite phone etc. You need to well plan the amount of days staying in the camp as you can only get there with a helicopter and that only works if it's not too windy and when the visibility is ok - so add rather +2 days to have sufficient time to get there and back to city.

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