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Don't forget to check my instagram @annashtraus

Don't forget to check my instagram @annashtraus
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RamyDelariarte June 11, 2018
2001vermont PRO+
2001vermont June 12, 2018
Incredible! Love the shot. Clarity is unbelievable, reflections really give the photograph punch. What lens did you use?
ashtraus June 12, 2018
I think 17-40 F4 Canon lens... it is such a sharp lens!
TheoShilton Premium
TheoShilton June 12, 2018
Words cannot do this image justice. Simply incredible.
ashtraus June 12, 2018
Thank you!
sweetpea72 June 12, 2018
WOW.. incredible..Congrats! シ
ChrisBPhotography Ultimate
ChrisBPhotography June 22, 2018
Love. love the various shapes & reflections!
DamonWilliams July 14, 2018
Best shot I’ve seen on here well done, I love it 👍
DamonWilliams July 14, 2018
Best shot I’ve seen on here well done, I love it 👍
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Behind The Lens

It was almost Christmas day and I joined a rooftopping workshop as a kind of a gift for myself. This photo is taken from the Central Park DIFC towers observing deck. Not sure what that deck is for - you can see the piece of the building that I am on top of on the left with the reflections in it.
This is the blue hour shot, actually it is a blend of the blue hour and just a moment after when it got already dark.
The city lights always look alluring but without the sunset it can get a bit boring... that's why always be patient and shoot from the sunset into the blue hour until it is completely dark to get the options for your final edit.
For this shot I used Canon EoS 5D M4 with Canon 17-40 lens F4, phottix clamp with really right stuff 55bh ballhead on it and L bracket from RRS... and a great city to shoot.
Actually the most interesting view was on the other side - the burj khalifa view with the road and trails, but I really like reflections, so when everyone else was shooting that way, I grabbed this photo and seems it was a good solution!
So this photo mostly is a blend of two images. The base of it is the night shot with the lights and the dark sky, and the sunset colours brushed in almost like a gradient. Then a bit of sharpening and that's pretty much it.
In my camera bag
I am a full time photographer, and it really depends on the job what I have in my bag. When I travel I shoot everything with my Fujifilm XT2. When I am in the studio, I mostly shoot with Canon 5D M4 just because the wifi works well with my laptop and the battery lasts a bit longer than Fujis. Love Fujifilm colours so much and the dynamic range on low ISO's is just craaaaazy. Still can't find one tripod that I would fall in love with...
Every second person who lands on my insta page these days is asking how do I get to these places?! You have to really talk to people and do your research. The more people you befriend who have access to real estate people, to bribable secutiry guards... the higher your chances are. So put aside those "let's go for coffee" moneys and switch on your charming smile, and sooner than you know you'll be hanging out with the cool kids on some roofs :)

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