Davebfc7 December 29, 2017
Fabulous shot
jopa_1030 Jan 19
great shot! Vancouver island now isn’t that where tv series Alone was shot? ????????
shema Jan 19
stare-way is right, that mama bear is watching you closely! Awesome shot
paulstarns Jan 19
Great photos. You live near a fantastic area for the wild life

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Dec, 2017

Stare-Way To Heaven

"Stare-Way to Heaven" | Coastal Brown Bear Sow & Cubs | Alaska Homestead Lodge | Lake Clark | Alaska | USA

I was having a bit of fun naming this picture with a play on words. In reality, bears and people can live in peace. During my week in Alaska, I spent time with 3 sows, each with cubs. There were first, second and third year cubs. I spent many hours photographing them while completely out in the open on foot. There were no enclosed vehicles, no fences and no firearms. Not once was there any sign of aggression. Bear attacks are far and few between, even when there are cubs.

Canon 1DX MKII, EF100-400mm IS II @ 400mm, ISO 2500, 1/500 Sec, F10, Manual Exposure
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