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Antillean Nighthawk.





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Magnificent Capture
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Absolute Masterpiece
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Superb Composition
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NaturesHaven December 22, 2017
Superb capture......wonderful bird......
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose December 22, 2017
Thank you NatureHeavens!
deannefortnam PRO+
deannefortnam December 26, 2017
Outstanding capture, great bird!
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose December 28, 2017
Yes it is! One of my favorites and very hard to photograph here in Puerto Rico. Thanks!
MrJBond PRO+
MrJBond January 08, 2018
Magnificent clarity and detail!
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose January 09, 2018
Thank you!
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 January 12, 2018
Oh look at that!
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose January 14, 2018
Thanks a lot! Very kind of you!
Hood PRO+
Hood January 20, 2018
Wow, stunning detail and love the pale blue DOF.....
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose January 20, 2018
Thanks, very kind of you!
mylightphoto PRO
mylightphoto January 31, 2018
Sleepy eyes, wonderful capture
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose January 31, 2018
Thank you mylightphoto!
hiyahercfarm PRO+
hiyahercfarm March 09, 2018
Beautiful capture. What a look on the subject. The details are amazing.
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose March 12, 2018
Thanks a lot!
vladcech PRO+
vladcech July 07, 2018
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose July 08, 2018
Thanks, very kind of you!

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