Silent Cry

Detail of the hands of an elderly Nyangatom woman (Omo Valley, Ethiopia)

Detail of the hands of an elderly Nyangatom woman (Omo Valley, Ethiopia)
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sabeenaontour December 16, 2017
Such a strong capture!
RobertoPazziPhotography December 16, 2017
Thank you once more my friend!
sitakanta December 23, 2017
RobertoPazziPhotography December 25, 2017
Thank you!
frankunger December 23, 2017
Very nice work.

....and i wish you a Happy Christmas.
RobertoPazziPhotography December 25, 2017
Thank you so much! Happy Christmas to you as well!
jigarmevada December 25, 2017
RobertoPazziPhotography February 01, 2018
charlesingram December 28, 2017
Very powerful
RobertoPazziPhotography February 01, 2018
Thanks a lot!
inezdelprado April 22, 2018
That’s beautiful!
karenphillips_1195 June 26, 2018
This is wonderful conveys so much!
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb September 04, 2018
Instant favourite, absolutely amazing shot
amapola September 09, 2018

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in the Omo Valley (Ethiopia) in a Nyngatom village close to the city of Kangaten. The subjec is an elderly woman of the Nynagatom tribe. The Nyangatom (numbering about 30.000 today) are semi-nomadic agro-pastoralist inhabiting the dry, semi-desert lands of southwestern Ethiopia and southeastern South Sudan. They live on sorghum, maize, soja beans and tobacco cultivation, but their cultural preference is zebu cattle and small stock raising. Numerically small and bellicose, they tend herds in a particularly inhospitable part of the territory. The Nyangatom are some of the most feared warriors in the Omo Valley, locked in bloody feuds with the tribes that surround the and they are famous among the tribes for their storytelling and singing. Along with other different ethnical groups in the Lower Omo Valley, the Nyangatom face changes to their cultural traditions due to large-scale agricultural projects occurring in their territory.
This photo was taken on December 1st, 2017 at 9:08am.
As far as possible, I'm using only natural light as in this photo.
This image has been taken with a Nikon D600 using the lens NIKKOR AF-S 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G IF ED VR.
I tried to represent the Nyangatom's hard life and culture in a single shot. Their colors and skill for creating colored necklaces and golden bracelets but at their hard life conditions at the same time with the lack of food and water. I remember how difficult has been to find a good position to be able to take the image in front of the hands. The hardest part was to find the way of avoiding other elements in the composition, keeping at the same time a natural expression of the image. My aim was to realize a good composition from an interesting point of view and with a dramatic sky.
I regulated shadows and lights using Adobe Lightroom in order to bring out the details of the skin. Moreover, I decrease a bit the saturation of the sky and warm colors trying to making the picture a bit more dramatic, according to the main subject and scene.
In my camera bag
As a frequent traveller and backpacker adicted, my choise in term of gear is usually a good trade-off between quality and weight. I use a NIKON D600 and the following lens and filters: NIKKOR AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR, NIKKOR AF-S 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G IF ED VR, NIKKOR AF-S 70-200mm f/4G ED N VR, NIKKOR ?AF-S 50mm f/1.8G. Few further accessories are present in my equipment: KENKO Digital Filter Circular PL, MANFROTTO Tripod MK293A4-A3RC1, KAAVIE Tracolla fast release, METZ Flash Mecablitz 52 AF-1.
In case of portrait/people/street photography, it is very important to know as much as possible the culture of the people we shot. Concerning composition, I suggest when possible to move around the subject in order to discover the best place to shot. In the specific case of this picture, I decided to place myself in front of the hands in order to put them in the foreground choosing a shots DOF for their back. This choise helps to underline the rule of the main sobject. Moreover, I included in the lower right corner of the frame another human figure in order to balance the image.

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