Wall of Fire





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anyana_webb_photography PRO
anyana_webb_photography December 16, 2017
jennychettleburgh December 23, 2017
Yes wow...
ToddGrivettiPhotography PRO+
ToddGrivettiPhotography December 31, 2017
Holy Cow.
kathygudmundson PRO
kathygudmundson January 02, 2018
I always get emotional when I see photos like these. My 23 year old son is a firefighter in CA. He just returned home from fighting the Thomas Fire in SoCal. Where was this taken?
montanahighlander January 10, 2018
My summer looked just like that.
tomcoombs January 11, 2018
Lovely forests being destroyed ! Such a shame.
Shauncook January 28, 2018
@kathygudmundson This was taken from my apartment window in Missoula Montana during the summer of 2017. I'm glad to hear that your son made it home safe and sound! There are too many these days who don't get to come home from fighting the fires. I wish that the fires didn't have to happen. I too hate seeing the wilderness being destroyed.
dvcannatelli PRO+
dvcannatelli March 02, 2018
Unbelievable! The devastation must have been awful.
evelynhill PRO+
evelynhill April 21, 2018
Good capture but very sad,

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