Cessna 182 on the Ramp

A late model Cessna 182 in the sunrise on the ramp at East Texas Regional Airport.

A late model Cessna 182 in the sunrise on the ramp at East Texas Regional Airport.
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jimhelmick December 14, 2017
Sweet shot.
kjfishman February 08, 2018
Like the position of the prop.
BillW Platinum
BillW February 10, 2018
Head on, it kinda looks like my Uncle Earl. He had a pointy nose too. Great image!!
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Behind The Lens

The location is the Stebbins Ramp at East Texas Regional Airport where I work as a pilot.
Just after dawn or Golden Hour if you prefer.
I had been given the job of providing some images for the owner of this aircraft to help sell the airplane. I had waited for a morning where there were a few clouds in the sky and the colors were going to be very warm. This particular morning turned out to suit my purposes well.
Nikon D800E with a Manfrotto Tripod. I believe the lens was my Nikon 14-24mm f/2,8 wide angle.
I have a collection of images of aircraft from right in front of them. It's sort of a must in a series of shots taken of aircraft for me.
On this one very little, I brought up the detail in the shadows and warmed up the colors a little. There wasn't too much that needed to be done.
In my camera bag
1 Nikon D800E Camera Back, a large variety of Nikon Lenses and one SIGMA 150-600mm Sports lens, a 4K Sony Video Camera and an Olympus Point and Shoot Stylus Tough. There are also all the various filters, flashes and such. My kit back pushes 60Lbs when it is full.
It is really difficult to find a new angle or viewpoint on an aircraft that hasn't already been done before many times. I try to rely on the surroundings, color, and closeups of the aircraft to make it interesting. I love the world of aviation and I try to help viewers see what I see, smell, hear and feel while dealing with these wonderful machines.

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