adavies December 15, 2017
Fantastic! Love it! :)
Calloumi Mar 05
Wonderful shot!
MJKPhoto Mar 13
Awesome! You should enter this photo into the challenge "weathered wood"

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Dec, 2017

Frozen Tundra

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Rocky Mountain National Park in the middle of a frozen Dream Lake. This lake has given be so many beautiful pictures and memories, but none quite as micro and unintentional as this one.
This was just before sunset. I was setting up to take a larger landscape photo when I noticed the frozen wood beneath me. When I took this in the camera, I didn't realize how neat is was going to turn out.
Dream Lake gets very little sunlight in the wintertime. In another few minutes, it probably would have been too dark to capture much details here.
Just my Nikon D3100 and Sigma 18-200mm lens. One thing I like about these macro photos is the ability to snap them without a tripod.
I set out to take a much different photo. I think I was after the Frozen Tundra photo contest, or something similar, but I was definitely looking for a more typical landscape shot in the snow. This past summer was the first time I had gotten into any sort of macro shots - I have just been playing around with photos of flowers - so I think my mind is starting to look at the smaller details around me. This was really just luck.
I processed with photoshop to sharpen certain elements of the photo and boost the colors. The original photo was a bit dark, so I had to make it a little brighter.
In my camera bag
I usually have my Nikon D3100, tripod, remote shutter and some extra batteries. I've been shooting with the same equipment for years as I wait to one day upgrade. I also carry food, water, and a knife, as I'm usually out somewhere fairly remote taking pictures.
Don't forget to look at the finer parts in nature, even when you are out trying to get a big sweeping landscape picture. Sometimes you come home with something way different than you set out to capture.

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