Girl on the hay

I was lucky, because the model is my wife =) She suffered all the delights of an exit photo session, barbed hay, mites, heat ... It was fun =)...
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I was lucky, because the model is my wife =) She suffered all the delights of an exit photo session, barbed hay, mites, heat ... It was fun =)
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BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb January 05, 2018
Loooooove your style, absolutely amazing shot
mykhailovdovin January 05, 2018
Thans a lot!!! I don't have yet a certain style, it was an experiment. Thanks for the support and your comment.
twymer001 January 06, 2018
Great color, texture, lighting compsition
bevrichard January 06, 2018
bevrichard January 06, 2018
fopnvphoto February 15, 2018
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
marcofiorentini_6415 February 16, 2018
pietnel December 29, 2018
Excellent what a gorgeous woman
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the field, next to my place of work (Music Hall Royal Palace, France). My main proffession is a dancer, but my passion and my hobby is photography. There are many fields and forests around our village, and so we decided to take the opportunity, and make this photo shoot at the time of harvest, when hay is harvested in round haystacks. I'm still an amateur, and I have not developed my own style. I'm looking for, I'm constantly experimenting, I'm learning on my own and on other people's mistakes.
13 jully, 2017, it was nearing sunset, but the sun was still quite strong. It was very hot, we were like meat on the barbecue. =))
The sun was ruthless, and since I did not have a flash with hss, I had to tear between the diaphragm and the exposure. I did a lot of tests until I found the right one for me.
At that time I had only one flash Nikon sb-700, softbox 60x60, reflector, as well as triggers Yongnuo RF-603 ii. My camera was Nikon D5100 with Nikkor lens 50mm f1.4.
My wife has long wanted to make a photo shoot in this style. She always inspires me and supports my endeavors. Every year we drove past these haystacks, and constantly said that it would be fun to use them for a photo shoot. And so, one day, absolutely spontaneously, we went to search them. We were worried that the owner could come and drive us away, but everything went fine.
As you can see, I applied a lot of manipulations to this photo. And if someone asks me to repeat the actions that I performed during the processing, I'll say that I absolutely do not remember =)) Each my processing of the photo differs from the previous one, I did not work out my style yet, and therefore each time in different ways. I always shoot in RAW, then I do a correction in the Lightroom. Then in Photoshop I applied the technique of frequency separation, added volume, dodge and burn, sharpness, then the camera raw, and then one of the Photoshop color lookups.
In my camera bag
At the time of shooting this photo I had only my Nikon D5100 and flash Nikon sb-700. Now I have in my arsenal Nikon D810, two flashes Godox V860II-N, one portable strobe GODOX AD600B, godox deep parabolic softbox 120cm, two lenses Nikkor 50mm f1.4 and Tamron 24-70 f2.8G2. Usually I carry all this stuff for all photo shoots, and even depending on the photo shoot, I take backdrop with light stands etc.
If you do not have hss flashes, try to take pictures at sunset when the sun is already setting off the horizon (I do not suggest sunrise, because the model will be drowsy and swollen), use flash with softbox, or reflector, experiment with settings. You can also use nd filters to shoot on an open diaphragm on a sunny day. You can also try to use bracketing, so that when processing you can correctly expose the photo, highlight the shadows, darken the light. Change the temperature of the photo to warmer to simulate the sunset. More communicate with the model, and do not stand in one place, change the camera angles. In general, never stop, experiment, be inspired by the works of other photographers. I wish everyone success! Sorry for my english, this is not my native language. =))

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