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Street art in Quebec, Canada.

How many people are in that house?

Street art in Quebec, Canada.

How many people are in that house?

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People's Choice in GRAFFITI Photo Challenge
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Jerryl robiecagle thatunicorngal nikwatt Visible Varyen
Outstanding Creativity
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Absolute Masterpiece
Svenergy72 MERCEDESS bobbytaylor Sniperspawk9
Magnificent Capture
JePePhoto helenehages glenmarshall
Superb Composition
P_Frogg chocolatcoco
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Graffiti Art Photo ContestTop 20 class
Graffiti Art Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Looking At Faces Photo ContestTop 20 class
Looking At Faces Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Street Art Photo ContestTop 10 class
Happiness In Color Photo ContestTop 20 class
Happiness In Color Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
Architecture And Reflections Photo ContestTop 30 class
Creative Compositions Photo Contest Vol5Top 30 class
Creative Compositions Photo Contest Vol5Top 20 class week 1
Covers Photo Contest Vol 43Top 30 class week 1


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megapixels June 02, 2019
Congratulations for the winning!
scbenoit June 02, 2019
Congratulations on winning the People Choice award!
Witold PRO
Witold June 02, 2019
Thanks to all of you for your votes on this photo and for viewing my collection on the Viewbug!!!
HannahG7 PRO+
HannahG7 June 02, 2019
GREAT IMAGE. Congrats on the WIN! Well done
JDLifeshots June 02, 2019
Amazing find and capture. Congrats!
charterswilliamosborne PRO+
charterswilliamosborne June 02, 2019
Best street art I have seen. Great find and capture. Congrats.

Behind The Lens

The picture was taken in the Old Town part of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
It was an early afternoon.
The day was cloudy giving the mural a perfect, reflection-free lighting. Cloudy days are my preferred conditions for taking pictures of street scenes and the architecture.
That day I was using my trusted Canon 5D M2 with Canon EF 24–105mm f/4L is II USM lens. The camera was just hand handled.
The scene was like a dream, a mesmerizing dream depicting early times of old Quebec with people working together different kind of jobs in one busy house. Not only the scene was inspirational, but also educational and entertaining. It was a scene frozen in time and I loved it instantly.
The picture was left forgotten for a few years. When I found it back, I wasn't really sure how to process it. I noticed the the most amazing part of the mural was how it blended the real house and the dream house, seamlessly. To expand on that I decided to proces the mural separately to reflect its natural colors and the scenee with a maximum accuracy. Then I processed the house and it's surroundins softer, slightly flowing and saturated to give it feeling of a painting. I usually start with the Lightroom, where I correct the light and chromatic abberation, both very important steps. Then I correct a perspective and crop the picture to a desired size. I am very careful adjusting a color and sharpness, just the little. Then I do the final adjustments in the Photoshop and finish in ON1 RAW. At the end I use a crude Chrome process to reduce a size of the file so it can be accepted by Viewbug.
In my camera bag
That day I was shooting with my old Canon 5D. Today I am sold on Pentax K1.
Always try to photograph what impresses you most. Break some hard rules of sharpness, colors and saturation. Trust your gut. You are the best and hardest judge of your work. Good luck.

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