Wonder Woman Charge !!!!

Wonder Woman and her Friesian Stallion; Xander...before they ride into battle.

This WAS a themed shoot...but both my friend and I had so much fun d...
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Wonder Woman and her Friesian Stallion; Xander...before they ride into battle.

This WAS a themed shoot...but both my friend and I had so much fun during this shoot. Ashley is in love with all things Wonder she was beyond excited to do a shoot with her trick trained Friesian Stallion !!
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moanabennett PRO
moanabennett April 16, 2018
Samantha_Dawn April 16, 2018
Why thank you so much !!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken outside of Reno, Nevada at the Washoe Lake in Oct of 2017!
I normally prefer to shoot in the evenings for that golden light. We chose to shoot about 2 hours before the sun set behind the mountains.
I wanted a dramatic shot with Ashley and her stallion. I opted for a half lit and half shadowed type of image by having the sun on only one side of her and the horse. I feel like it gives the image a "battle" feel to it!
I used a Canon 7D Mark II with a 70-200 2.8 L.
Ashley is very well known with her modeling with her horses....she's very inspired by Wonder Woman.... We had this styled shoot set up for a while and felt it would be a good "empowering" type of shoot....for all women.
I try to do as little post-processing as possible UNLESS I am going after a certain look. This image not much was done other than pull up the shadows a little bit so it wasn't so "dark". Black horses are extremely difficult to shoot and get all the "detail" in them...but they are probably some of my favorite to shoot.
In my camera bag
I normally have my 7D and my 60D as my backup. Then I've got my 70-200MM, a 55-250MM, and a 50MM prime lens. I don't find myself using it much as I've grown accustomed to moving around more to accommodate my 70-200!
I am big fan of Dramatic NATURAL Lighting. Find a model and a horse and start playing around with the light and them as well. While I did take the photo...a lot of it relied on Ashley's modeling expertise and my knowledge of horses and how to capture them correctly. Horses are often difficult to photograph because if photographed negatively there could be backlash from experienced equestrians.

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