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Dec, 2017


This picture was taken during a workshop in the Danube Delta, Romania.

Coordonator: Bogdan Botofei
Concept: Alina Calotă
Make-up artist: Alina Bedeleanu
Hair stylist: Cristina Vochescu
Model: Vera Iurciuc

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Won Amateur Winner Rule Of Thirds Photo Contest v4August, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Rule Of Thirds Photo Contest v4July, 2018

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo during a workshop in the Danube Delta, in Romania. We had two models who were willing to put up with the cold weather and pose for us.
This was taken early in the morning. It was not that early though, as we had to travel to a remote place in order to get the shots we wanted.
There lighting was natural, available light. As I mentioned, we shot early in the morning to get a soft light. Being early in the morning and by posing our model, we obtained beautiful and quite dramatical side lighting for this shot.
I used the Canon 6D with a 24-70mm f4L lens. No tripod, no external flash. We shot in natural light.
The shot was directed by Bogdan Botofei, out workshop teacher. He came up with some concepts, we had a chat the evening before the shoot and he showed us some art with different poses. On the day of the shoot, his girlfriend Alina Calota and him directed the shots, posed the models, talked with us and shared his knowledge.
Yes, I did. I converted it to black and white using the Silver Efex plug-in from Nik Collection. I think I used a preset and tweaked that one. Made the shot more dramatic, accentuated some shadows, some burning and dodging, adding a little grain. It wasn't much to do, but the result was nice.
In my camera bag
Nowadays I'm in Berlin with a work project, so I carry around a Fujifilm x-t20 with a 18-55mm (27-82.5mm full frame equivalent) f2.8-4 OS lens. I love the small package of the fuji, the tilting screen also. The touch to focus feature is great. I mainly do street photos in Berlin, so people mainly take me for a tourist, fumbling around with my camera settings. I also carry an iPad pro with an Apple Pencil for editing. It's my go-to solution for travelling these days. It's super fast and easy to do.
I guess you would have to come to Romania when Bogdan is holding another workshop. You can find him on facebook and instagram. Just look for Bogdan Botofei. If that's not an option, then maybe you can look for models or workshops near you. It helps to have a plan when you shoot these kind of shots.

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