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md_abid70 January 15, 2018
Hi hot man

Behind The Lens

One of the best Aoraki/Mount Cook village walking tracks is the famous Red Tarns Track. I randomly found some friends and we started the hiking and climbing together. When we get to the top, everyone started to take photos, selfies and enjoying the scene, and me started to take photos of other people as usual.
It was close to 10:00 AM after about two hours of hiking/climbing in the area. The April sun was a little bit harsh for natural light photos, but strong contrast makes the scene more natural.
It was nice to have some clouds, but the April sun makes it perfect. Unfortunately I did not plan to stay overnight as I did not have any sleeping bags, but I highly recommend the photographers to camp on top and enjoy the sunrise or sunset.
I used Nikon D810 with Tamron 70-200 G2 series, I did not carry any tripod as I could put my camera on any rock or boulder there. It's nice to have a flash and do the high sync, but me personally, prefer the natural light for nature shots.
I observed the people getting so quiet there, trying to listen to the sound of the wind, occasional falling small avalanches and the wind whizzing through the rocks. The couples were finding a spot to just sit and look at the horizon, and everyone wanted to have a good photo of themselves showing how small they were compared to the mountain range.
I used lightroom to level the photo, Increased the shadows and decreased the highlights, clarity, sharpness, and a little bit of colour correction.
In my camera bag
I always have Nikon D810 with 70-200 and 50mm lens, and the ND filter 8 stops, shutter trigger and mostly a manfrotto stable tripod. I also have flashlight, extra batteries and a few memory cards, along with lens cleaning brushes.Needless to add always have the sunscreen and sun protection hat.
I recommend travelling with a group, take your time as the track is a little bit tricky and can hurt your ankles, stay a few hours on top of the lookout and have enough water and fresh fruits to prevent dehydration. Use both telephoto and wide lenses and try to move around and explore different angles, and most importantly do not risk your life walking on the edges to have a nice photo. Safety is number one priority.

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