backlit snow

That's a bunch of snow that was lit from behind. In such a picture you can often see really funny things, as if you were looking into clouds......
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That's a bunch of snow that was lit from behind. In such a picture you can often see really funny things, as if you were looking into clouds...
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IrinaPopovaPhotography November 30, 2017
Cool!I see a person
What do you see?
MF-SoHo December 01, 2017
I'm an artist... I see Dante's whole inferno in it... but maybe it's the visualisation of the feelings of a man who went shopping with his wife and is now waiting for two hours at the shoe store... :-)
fionamaryoconnor December 03, 2017
Hellish vision...Impressive...
amyporlier December 06, 2017
omg, or om hell lmao that's awesome!!?
Ivo_Geukens December 06, 2017
I see the hybrid alien from "alien resurrection" clawing it's way out of hell itself to reach out and eat our brains. This image is art! ;)
princessdi6305 December 08, 2017
I see a lot very cool
RebeccaL December 09, 2017
The Devil is coming up from the pit!!
Norona PRO+
Norona December 23, 2017
Intense look from the creature coming in or is it coming out?
snardcjalexander December 29, 2017
This is beautiful work. I'm very strange when it comes to abstract but this keep drawing me back to it. Dante's inferno is an interesting take. Brilliant Work man
laruelewis PRO+
laruelewis December 31, 2017
I see a girl in the right bottom with a man up the left side. Of course the man devil in the middle top. Thanks for sharing.
DiazJuanita January 02, 2018
This is an insane shot!! Felt some Stranger Things vibes from this!!
dunepersoenlich January 08, 2018 i see a Teddybear in front of the girls face ;)
critique PRO
critique January 12, 2018
I instantly saw the tormented figure among the flames and smoke at the top center! WOW...powerful image!
KWFphotographers January 28, 2018
this is superb

Behind The Lens

This Photo was taken on a walk through the city. I went shopping and was on my way back home, when I passed a gas station and a tree which was lit by several lights that were mounted on the floor. It was winter, so they were covered with snow.
It was evening but it was already dark. I passed the tree and thought how stupid it is, to light a sparse bare tree in winter. But then I turned around and looked at the snow covered lights, and I thought, they might be stupid, but they look interesting.
As far as I know the light under the snow was a halogen lamp. There was no other light involved. But I could mention that this was a backlight situation. Most people were told not to photograph into the light. For people who don't have photographic experience this advice might be true, but I think people shoudn't be afraid to break this rule. If you set the exposure measurement to spot you can control the exposure of your camera very easy if you aim to areas which differ in brightness. If you play with this feature, you can get interesting results.
I used my Panasonic FZ1000, nothing more. I set the mode to P and the exposure compensation to -2. I also set focus mode and exposure measurement to spot.
There was a photo challenge on viewbug, called 'Pareidolia'. Pareidolia is a psychological effect where you see familiar things in complex objects, for example animals in clouds. I was searching for things that were suitable for creating such an effect, but there were no clouds and the day reached it's end. So I searched for other complex or cloud like patterns.
I took a few photos and on my computer I checked them one after another. I rotated them and tried to see familiar things. I was surprised when I saw something like a skull. I pushed the contrasts and the saturation and it looked like some burning demon. So I changed the white balance and the colors to make it look more like fire. I cropped the image a little bit for the composition and did some dodge and burn to make the eyes of the demon and his chin line a bit darker.
In my camera bag
I prefer to travel as light as possible so I limit myself to the most basic things. Usually I have one dslr with two or three lenses with me, sometimes a few filters which depends on what I want to shoot, some cleaning stuff and a compact camera. When I go for a walk through the town I usually have just one camera with me, either my Sony RX100 III or my Panasonic FZ1000.
First you should know what you want to find. In this case it was something where people could see some fantasy things. Usually you see such things by luck, but you can improve your chances when you search for chaotic organic structures. I watched out for structures that look similar to clouds. When I found these I took several photos with different exposures, different focal lengths and different viewpoints. You need time to see things in such structures and you will need a bigger screen. And when it's freezing cold around you also want to be inside with a cup of tea ;-)

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