NedBurrell Jan 24
Thanks very much
bonjoy Feb 07
Congrats on your runner up award!
Saadets_art1 Feb 07
Congratulations on your runner up award! Nice shot!
NedBurrell Feb 07
Thank you all for your support.
MonikaThomas Feb 07
Amazing photo!! Love the expression on their faces "What are you looking at?" - priceless!
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❤!!! シ

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Nov, 2017


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Behind The Lens

This parent and chick are little owl's that have nested in an old shepperds barn in west sussex. Spending two hours in a hide the owls had grown accustomed to my presence. however, the clicking from the camera was enough to shock some intrigue into the pair.
a quite summer afternoon.
A cloud covered summers afternoon under three large oak trees didn't allow for any interesting light. This did however mean that my focus could be spent mainly on the composition and capturing the right moment.
This was taken on a Nikon D500 and a 100-400mm lens that i borrowed from my dad.
Each individual species has its own story to tell. The little owls featured in this photo, for example, are a non native species to england and survive mostly on meal worms. the adult in this photo had another chick and had been a successful parent in the same spot in previous years.
This photo is largely untouched. However, I tinkered with the background to dull it down and contrast with the stark appearance of the owls. Similarly, I specifically targeted the eyes to bring out a more luminescence and vivid color, although there wasn't much to do with either.
In my camera bag
Being a student my funding doesn't allow for a huge amount of equipment budget. Luckily this means no big bags are necessary. Although my pockets often contain a second hand Nikon D7000 and a 50-300mm Nikon lens that fortunately is effective for most types of photography. other than that: three spare batteries, lens cloth, and two spare memory cards have proven handy on many occasions.
except on rare occasions photo's such as this can only really be shot from a hide. Using the lowest iso whilst a low f number allows for faster shutter speed and a more focused foreground. Lastly, take as many pictures as possible. Despite the pain of post editing, it is worth while capturing every intricate characteristic.

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