Hazel and Poppy

Magic happens at the beach.

Magic happens at the beach.
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lpp526 PRO
lpp526 December 23, 2017
Very nice shot
JoyCampbellAlberta October 14, 2018
True love...

Behind The Lens

We had a lovely day on the beach near Littlehampton on the South Coast of England, my partner and our grandchildren had been digging old bottles and things out of a WWII rubbish dump which has been exposed by the waves. Hazel, the oldest , was running around with the 3 dogs.
Sunset was fast approaching and it was starting to get cold.
The soft warm light of early evening makes it feel warm.....It lies, it was getting chilly.
I've been using Pentax cameras for about 35 years and still love them. This was taken with my k30.
I live in the midlands and really looked forward to taking more beach shots.
The only processing was a small amount of cropping.
In my camera bag
My most used camera these days is this Pentax k30, It came with two lenses; 35-70mm and 70-120mm both water resistant to go with the WR body. I also carry a 100-220mm Sigma. I also have a bunch of filters but I only really use the ND filters and then only very occasionally.
I find that these shots need to be as natural as possible. I just watch and click and don't ask for poses, unless they are someone I do not know. The people I do know expect me to be snapping and pay me no attention.

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