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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in darkness of Moab, Utah, the southern most point of the Grand Canyon. I took it on a day off from a summer tour I was on.
I sent an open invite to go out and explore Moab, Utah at midnight.
Long exposure photography is hard enough, but to ask someone to stand perfectly still for thirty seconds is quite the task. The only light used here is from a cellphone. This photo was actually an accident. It was meant to simply light the subject up from above, like a star, but I forgot that the camera would expose for even the slightest movement.
This was shot on a Sony A7Sii with I believe was a 24-75mm lens. I used a Manfrotto tripod.
Honestly, Peter Pan inspires me to take these kinds of photos. They’re so magical and fantastical when you can capture them properly.
For this photo I used very minimal post-processing. Lightroom is my editing suite of choice, and I love making custom presets.
In my camera bag
I carry a Wndrd PRVKE 21 backpack, in which I have my Sony A7Sii, two to three lenses (wide-medium-telephoto), at least one GoPro with a headmount and a mouth guard mount, for extra realistic POV adventure shots. I explore abandoned buildings when I’m not freelancing and first person POV seems to be a favorite in that genre of film, if you will. That coupled with the cinematics of the Sony make for quite exciting and artistic videos. I also carry my Mavic Pro drone, which folds up nicely, a first aid kit, because I’m accident prone, water, my laptop if I’m travelling, and my tripod, if needed. Loveeee my bag and even made a review video for it: https://youtu.be/WHEng_m4tg8
Patience is key when it comes to long exposure photography. This photo took me about ten minutes to set up properly. In the end, I chose the photo that was an accident, because, well, look at it!! Urban exploration videos: youtube.com/JustTheLetterK Educational podcast (listen on all streaming apps: Project Freelance

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