Capture-Life February 11, 2018
As someone that’s looooved Cows and collected Cow nicnaks for 30+ years .. THIS is one PERFECT capture !!! Love it to bits! Congrats! Well deserved !! :):):)
Capture-Life February 11, 2018
As someone that has ** lol * correcting myself !
sweetpea72 February 11, 2018
This is an obsessed cow lover and collects cow stuff ...this would look great in my dining room. Congrats! シ
nandoharmsen February 11, 2018
Thanks for the comments everyone
katshea July 17, 2018
Love how you captured the sky and the rainbow

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Nov, 2017

Farmland under a sky full of color

At sunset, just before the rainstorm broke loose, the rainbow appeared over the farmland

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Won Contest Finalist in Rural Vistas Photo ContestJuly, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Rainbows Overhead Photo ContestFebruary, 2018


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Top 10 class week 1
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Behind The Lens

The photo is taken on our way home from a reunion of the participants of the Masterclass Landscape photography I give every year in the French Auvergne. At that day the weather forecast predicted some heavy rain showers but it did not rain until we went home again. When the sun managed break the clouds a rainbow formed against the dark skies, setting it on fire. We stopped next to the road, I jumped out and over a ditch to get into the farmfield for a shot with this cow. The location was the town of Udenhout, the Netherlands, next to the Loonse and Drunense Duinen.
It was at the end of the day, at about four o´clock in the afternoon, right after a heavy rainshower. The sun managed to find an opening in the clouds when it was setting. Thus the amazing reddish color in the sky
The lighting was straight forward, since the sun was in my back. Just on aperature priority and f/9 to have enough depth of field.
For this occasion I used a Nikon D810 with a Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.4G, that was provided by a camera store for reviewing. Normally I use Canon equipment so it was fun to experiencing with another camera brand.
I always have been playing around with the idea for shooting a rainbow with Dutch cows in front. I never got the opportunity to do so. When this occasion occurred I had to take the moment, and so I did.
The image is composed out of seven vertical shots since the 35mm focal length is to long for capturing a complete rainbow. I had no wide angle available since I normally don't use Nikon equipment. The seven images are post processed in Lightroom, stiched together in PTgui and fine tuned in Photoshop. I have removed my own shadow from the grass. There was no need for a lot of post processing since the light was from behind.
In my camera bag
I normally use a Canon EOS 5D mark IV and Canon EOS 1Dx with a range of lenses. But since I write reviews I regularly use other camera's from different brands. In this case it was a Nikon D810 with the Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.4G and I did not take any other camera gear with me on this particularity day.
Don't stay home when it rains. There were dark skies and heavy rain showers, but in between the light broke through the thick clouds and the rainbow appeared. This is something you cannot plan and when you see it happen at home, you are always too late to capture it.

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