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Pjerry PRO+
Pjerry December 20, 2017
Thanks for joining my flower challenge
Parallel May 01, 2018
My congratulations!
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden May 01, 2018
Congratulations on your Challenge Award!
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden November 18, 2019
Again my congratulations!

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Behind The Lens

This was taken at home, in a setup in my dining room.
10:30PM, although the studio light setup makes that not so relevant.
This was lit from above left & right by two translucent umbrellas with 100w equivalent LED bulbs.
Nikon D7200, Tokina 100mm f2.8 Macro, 13sec @ f16, ISO 100, on tripod
This was an image that I'd had in mind for a while. The concept was a single chrysanthemum in a small wooden box as a simple gift. I had to wait until a nice bloom was on a chrysanthemum plant in my garden. I wanted good lighting in the flower and a featureless background.
Mainly in Photoshop. Basic cropping and tonal adjustment, followed by isolating the flower petals, center, background, and box in layers to add specific tonal adjustments. Final layer flattening and process through Topaz Adjust for bringing out detail
In my camera bag
I mainly use a Nikon D7200 with a 16-300 Tamron zoom, a 35mm Nikkor prime lens, a 100mm Tokina macro lens, and a 55-300 Nikkor zoom. I routinely carry polarizing filters as well, plus spare batteries and SD cards. When flash may be needed, I carry a Vivitar DF-583. My Sony DSC-W830, a palm-sized 20MP point-and-shoot, is often tucked-in the bag for grabbing opportunistic quick shots. Sometimes I use 35mm film cameras with associated lenses and gadgets: Nikon F2, Nikon FA, and Minolta 7xi.
For this specific image, practice still-life setups with particular attention to lighting. Know how to separate image components into layers for Photoshop adjustments.

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