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Behind The Lens

This photo was taking in Madrid, in a really big park called "casa de campo". I chose this place as it matched the colours thought for the image, such as her hair and skin with the dry grass.
We had to wait to get the best light. We prepared everything needed for it and it finally was taking during the golden hour to get the best of that goldish color.
Talking about the lighting, I wanted something smooth but with some contrast as well, so that´s why she was hiding part of the face with her hair, creating some nice shadows and textures.
I used my Nikon D7200 and my 50mm f/1.8 lens to achieve that nice blur in the background. At the same time I used some plastic to cover the lower part of the lense and make that kind of really soft white fade in the bottom right of the image.
I had been looking for something different for a while. I searched up in instagram, found many amazing photographers and found a couple of pictures that really got me inspired. One day, as I was talking to a friend, she told me about using confetti in photography. So I just combined ideas from instagram and the confetti to take this photo.
I processed the image in Adobe Lightroom. The maing changes I needed to make were colorwise. I got rid of blues and turned greens a bit more yellowish and lowered their saturation. After that some basic exposure changes and I lifted blacks in curves to give it a more "vintage" look.
In my camera bag
I pack my whole equipment, as it´s not much. My Nikon D7200 with my two lenses (50 mm f/1.8 and 18-105 mm f/4-5.6) and a few accesories to work with such as some filters, a small led torch or a magnifier glass.
The main thing is to plan ahead wisely. If you prepare the shooting, know the place and your idea is clear, your work should flow. As well, always make sure that the model feels comfortable around you, treat her/him as good as possible, show her/him some pictures so they know how they´re doing. When shooting portraits, a lense with a high aperture gives you the ability to make them stand out of the background, which always makes it look better.

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