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WOW..hella amazing! 😊
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Congrats on being featured finalist !
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Simply beautiful...!
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Beautiful picture! I've created a challenge called "Through the Fence" ... you should enter!
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Creative and fabulous!

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Oct, 2017

Morning Graze

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Won People's Choice in Morning Dew Photo ContestJuly, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Morning Dew Photo ContestJuly, 2018


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Behind The Lens

On my way to meet a friend at a park in Cartersville, GA, I noticed how peaceful the horses looked grazing in the dewy field next to the road I was driving on. I got out to snap a quick photo. As I knelt down to capture the horses between the slats of the fence for an interesting vantage point, I saw the dewy spider web. Through it and the fence combined, I scene revealed more than just a nice vantage point. It also told a story.
I love shooting in the early morning hours when the night leaves some nice surprises for those who are open to waking before or at sunrise. On this day, the morning dew was the lovely gift I received.
Fresh morning sunlight, filtered through the trees was the perfect backdrop for the sparkly dew seen here. Any time I see this scenario - on grass, flowers, and other objects, I’ve learned to grab it fast before the sun rises further and evaporates my photographic story.
Normally, my equipment consists of a Sony RX100 M iii and a Manfrotto tripod, but on this particular morning, I had planned to go walking. I didn’t want to leave an expensive camera in my car in case it got overheated while I was out. So, I grabbed my iPhone 7 Plus and was happy to get a clear, pic with nice focus. After winning a local photo contest with this particular shot, I was happy to see that it isn’t always just the equipment that determines a great shot. I was once told that it’s the person taking the photo that makes the work come alive. So even if your equipment is limited, we are all human and love a creative, compelling story.
Seeing the beautiful horses grazing so peacefully in the quiet morning sunrise, I felt my heart stop... and then my car! You know how it is when you are a photographer and everything about the weather, time of day, nature, and composition just calls your name?!
I did a round of minor post-processing to bring out the detail in the web and warmth of the sunlight. Overall, it didn’t take much because nature did the rest.
In my camera bag
At the moment, I usually travel very light for the ability to take impromptu photos anywhere I go. I carry a Sony RX100 iii for its ease of portability and nice image quality. For long exposures, I also bring along a portable Manfrotto tripod.
“The early bird gets the worm,” as they say. I am totally in agreement with that, especially since I am an early morning fog lover. It’s my favorite nature scene for the mysterious and dramatic mood it lends toward creating a compelling photographic story. Grab it quickly before it disappears!

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