Jenni13 December 07, 2017
Wow beautiful
ivanyohan May 17, 2018
Thank you! :)
RamyDelariarte May 17, 2018
TakenbyEricMack May 17, 2018
Meaghan641 May 18, 2018
Sensational shot.
susanplss-bryant May 19, 2018
Love Dinant, great shot!
Cookies4U June 22, 2018

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Oct, 2017

Dinant reflection

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in Dinant, Belgium. A small and pretty city in Walloon Region of the country.
I stayed there the whole weekend starting on an evening and I took this shot the next day on the golden hour to get golden color on the hill top and its reflection on the water.
I'm fascinated with the beauty of its color combination and how it is reflected on the river. I was lucky that day cause the weather supported me to make this photo. The natural light filled in the frame so it's just a matter of finding the right balance of the highlight and the shadow.
I used Canon 5d mark III and 24-70mm lens.
A friend of mine was travelling to Belgium and he was looking online of where to go. I live in Belgium since 2014 but I've never known about this place before he showed me a picture of it and asked whether it's worth a visit. In the end he chose to go somewhere else cause he didn't have enough time to see everything but I could finally go myself. I think it's one of the gems around Belgium.
I corrected the contrast, adjust the highlight and shadow a little bit, added a little touch of blue hues and boosted the clarity.
In my camera bag
Depending on the event, I normally would have my Canon 5D mark III on the bag, 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, tripod, shutter remote, and some flashes if I'm sure that I would need them.
Making photos with reflection is quite common among photographers. For this kind of landscape, it speaks for itself already by the first glance when we arrived to the spot. Take your time on finding the best angles of how you wanted to frame your capture and decide the right time of day to tell the story with the light. I was on the spot much earlier that day (very early in the morning) when it was very cold and gray, but it does give a different story with the fog that surrounded parts of it.

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