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Duck lake harvest time.


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Behind The Lens

This is my one of my first ever dslr photos on my way to Duck lake in Saskatchewan, Canada.
This was my very first adventure with a dslr , no real plan and an inability to follow a map leading me along the grid roads to here , mid afternoon.
Forest fires had been raging to the north and west of the province , the smoke that blew in created the most amazing lighting.
Shot on a canon 1300D with a 18-55mm kit lens and a tripod
I had just ventured to the world of dslr and woefully underprepared went on a road trip. I knew I needed practice to understand all the new fangled terminology I had come across , so 5am I started my day. This is the culmination of my experience that day , along with luck and the right time right place , which being so new to the art gave me the encouragement to persevere and bring the 1 keeper in 10 hour average down!
I put it through Lightroom with a touch of dehazing (no Uv filter) and optics adjustment the lens being out of its comfort zone but still performing admirably.
In my camera bag
My canon 24mm and 50mm are constant companions being so tiny that they are pocket size and a canon 18-135mm for a walk about. A UV filter on all my lenses and a CPL as well as spare battery as well as a local map , local knowledge is invaluable wherever you are.
Know the weather and where the sun will be at what time , natural events , dust clouds or fire can create spectacular lighting hundreds of kilometres away. Most of all just get out there and do it , sometimes you’re just lucky.

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