panorama of a spiral staircase

Looking up and down a staircase at the same moment ist not possible? Shot a panorama and you are able to do that.

Looking up and down a staircase at the same moment ist not possible? Shot a panorama and you are able to do that.
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gryphonjewel PRO
gryphonjewel October 16, 2017
Cool capture!
frankseltmann October 17, 2017
thank you
jeffjacobson Platinum
jeffjacobson October 17, 2017
Winner chicken dinner, this is Fantastic! You better win the stairs only CONTEST! you have my Vote! Outstanding!
frankseltmann October 17, 2017
That's so kind, thank you Jeff :-)
Alwolfe Premium
Alwolfe October 23, 2017
Amazing shot!
Mehen Ultimate
Mehen February 07, 2018
Quite impressive! I hope you get many awards on this.
acevasco March 15, 2018
Congrats! Your gallery is impressive!
paulbrouns March 25, 2018
Great job alltogether! Thanks for the report on how you created it.
Herbert_A_Franke May 04, 2018
Hallo Frank, leider habe ich aus Versehen den geposteten Kommentar wieder glöscht. Das soll aber nicht heißen dass mir Dein Bild nicht mehr gefällt. Nein, ich finde es nach wie vor Klasse. Sorry.
Ich wollte Dir eigentlich eine ptivat mail senden, finde aber den "Eingang" nicht. Na, ist ja auch egel. Ich sage es einfach hier. Ich tue mich noch etwas schwer, mich hier zurecht zu finden. Ich hoffe aber, die Zeit wird es bringen. Gruß Herbert
lucliz PRO+
lucliz May 15, 2018
Wow! Stunning photo - absolutely masterful!
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Behind The Lens

This spiral staircase is located at the campus of the university of Dresden. There are a lot of beautiful staircases, but this one is the most largest.
I decided to shot this staircase in the afternoon, because there are no lectures and therewith not so many students in this building. Otherwise there will be to many students on the stairs.
The complexity was, that I want to shot a panorama of this staircase. And so I had to manage dark areas downstairs and very bright areas when I turned the camera to the top. At the top is a skylight and it was difficult to capture it without overexposure.
I used my Canon 450D with the Sigma 10-20mm 4.0 and of course a tripod. Further I had something to drink with me and lot of time to take the panorama.
I love to take photo from beautiful staircases and there are two typical perspectives: View to the top and view to the ground. I was three times before at this place and after the third time I thought, there is more potential in capturing this staircase. This spiral staircase with two way up is big enough to take single shots for a panorama and after finding the perfect position I start my work.
Usual I prefer to take photos with correct focus and light and do minimal post-processing, but in this case I need to do a lot. First I corrected the lighting, depths and contrasts in camera raw. Then I need to correct the distortion to merge the six single pics to a panorama. I'm glad that photoshop do the stitching for me, otherwise I would sit many hours a day. After the stitching I need to correct mistakes in the panorama. After all I looked to vertical panorama from a spiral staircase with the view to the ground and the view to the top in one picture.
In my camera bag
Often I go with my Canon 70D, the Sigma 10-20mm F/4.0 and the Canon 50mm F/1.8 on tour. Important for me are my filters, too.
If you want to take a panorama of a staircase, it must be big enough. Look for a day where you have enough time to take such a panorama, don't be in a hurry. Use a wide angle lens, if you have one and of course a level to adjust your camera (if it's not integrated in your camera). Further take your time for the post-processing in photoshop, because there is to do a lot of corrections. And also you need to contact the owner of the building where you take the panorama to get an permission to take photos and publish them.

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