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Hydraulic_Designs February 22, 2018
Beautiful shot love it


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Behind The Lens

I took this picture in the bedroom of Ilayda, the girl in the picture.
It was somewhere between 1 and 5 in the afternoon
I only used natural light from outside. There was only one window.
I use a nikon D3300 with a 50mm lens
I love the female body. I think it’s a piece of art. And I love how lingerie makes a woman kind of vulnerable. That’s how I want to show the true beauty of a person in my picture. Vulnerability and beauty, I think that’s what make her look so strong.
I edit the lighting a bit and get rid of a couple spots on het body. I only remove spots she normally will not have, like a pimple. But her skin was almost flawless! (sorry if my english is bad by the way)
In my camera bag
My nikon D3300 & 50mm lens. Somethimes I bring a tripod and a reflection screen
Most important, make someone feel confortable with you. If you want to make a beautiful shot, the model needs to be relaxed, so that they can be themselves. Let them pose naturally and polish that in your own way, so it will look naturally in the picture. I only work with natural lighting so far (no money for much equipment haha) but I actually really love it. I think it keeps it natural. But you have to make sure that the shadows are in the right place etc. I often don’t know how someones home looks like before I go there. So just improvise! Find that nice spot with the best lighting and just try ???????? . I actually can not give more advice than this, because I just started! Im 20 now and photographing almost a year I think. Still learning a lot! Really surprised that my picture is appreciated this much. Thanks! ??

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