a icelandtravel with 3 friends

a icelandtravel with 3 friends
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photo-bloom December 28, 2017
Cool! Schon wieder eine Challenge gewonnen. Respekt!
TorstenLiebert January 01, 2018

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in 2014 during a photo week with 3 friends in Iceland on Kirkjufell. One of the most impressive holidays to date for me, as we drove this week in addition to very little sleep, spartan living and fast food, 2500km - incidentally, the Nissan was awesome - and have seen the most unusual landscapes for me and photographed.
We were in Iceland during the White Nights. Arrived at the Kirkjufell we are before the sunset and we are driven about 3 hours later when the rain starts, after the sunrise. An impressive spectacle, especially as the weather was so nice.
Lighting here is the natural light, long exposure times partially and exhausted iso of the camera. I do not hide my Exifs on purpose, because I think that I also give others a chance from my mistakes, or even from my knowledge to learn. That should hold a lot more of the good photographers on these photo pages like this.
My equipment consists of a Canon EOS 7D, a Tokina 11-16, a Sigma c 17-70 and at the time of the trip a light faint 17-200 from Tamron, which I have but now - although too late for Iceland - exchanged, in a 70-200 SP 2.8 from Tamron.
All photographers traveling to Iceland look at photos of others. Waterfalls, golden circle, volcanoes, Landmannerlauga, glacier bay and the Kirkjufell. On the whole tour I was the driver, which I also like, because driving on Iceland is already an adventure, especially if the navigation device is reminding us of unpaved roads. And so it was already grueling to drive from the south in time to sunset at Kirkjufell and then retoure the route. BUT it was more than worth it. Thanks to the planner of the tour, the initiator of this challange and my photographic idol Frank Seltmann and to you, who voted for my picture.
Yes post-processing is important for my camera and my skills ... ;-) I use PSE and the NIK collection, an indescribable combination. Lightroom will surely be a topic for me ... let's see.
In my camera bag
From experience, I prefer everything as if, as happened on site at Kirkjufell, a friend of the battery was not enough. (Fortunately, the same thing in my camera and I still had batteries in reserve.) Or the memory card was full ... Dear one has, as one would have said my grandma.
Light intensity goes over everything. So invest in lenses. Learning by looking and doing. And more importantly, have friends and spend time with them wisely. I will never forget this trip. Thanks to Uwe Roth, Sandro Schmidt and especially to you, Frank Seltmann.

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