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BIGJEFF December 04, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
BIGJEFF December 04, 2017
Photographers are often criticised for creating perfect images of female beauty. I think you've achieved it here. Well done. Get ready to be criticised. :-)
Coveboy53 PRO+
Coveboy53 December 04, 2017
I would have made her eyes sharp, not her beautiful lips. Perhaps a slight lean down would have got both?
ivankovale December 06, 2017
Your right to see differently.
DRMyers December 05, 2017
Beautiful girl and beautiful photo. Nevertheless it looks like it has been over processed by commercial portrait software. No real person has skin like this.
ivankovale December 06, 2017
Thanks!!! =) You are familiar with art of a make-up?
ronfenton December 05, 2017
Flawless, A magnificent creation, just beautiful, stillness between woman and photographer.
ivankovale December 06, 2017
Thanks!!! =)
Anomaly1 PRO
Anomaly1 December 06, 2017
Great Capture
ivankovale December 07, 2017
Thanks!!! =)
NickFranklin PRO+
NickFranklin December 18, 2017
ivankovale December 19, 2017
thank you. =)
marcbaechtold PRO+
marcbaechtold May 14, 2018
great selection of tones!
reginaldojames October 16, 2018
How clean is this shot. What clear an direct regard!
Witold Premium
Witold December 02, 2018
Perfect to the point of pain.

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Behind The Lens

The photo has been received on one of my free creative shootings. The place which we rent together with the makeup artist has served as studio. City of Kostroma, Russia.
I like to work in the second half of day. At this time model and I could already enter a rhythm of day and not manage to get tired yet. The picture is taken in November, 2016.
I prefer to work with external mobile flashes of YN. All svetoformiruyushchy nozzles, umbrellas, softboksa and the other equipment also compactly and easily is located in a bag. It gives me the chance in movement. The only minus to which I have got used long ago, this lack of pilot light.
I have in an arsenal 2 Canon 7D and Canon 550D cameras, several budgetary lenses, such as 50 mm 1.8, 35 mm 2.0. Without watching nanizky cost, they allow me to cope with objectives at the worthy level. I use flashes Chinese, YN 560.
In this shooting I pursued the aim to make a little nedoeksponirovanny photo and as much as possible to allocate eyes. At the same time there was a wish to keep flatness of the light-and-shade drawing and not to kill texture of black hair and a sweater. Wash a look, everything has turned out. =)
Yes. A retouch there passes each my photo. I use PS. An obligatory stage I carry out a skin retouch by way of frequency decomposition. The D&B equipment takes place too to be.
In my camera bag
Canon 7D, Canon 550D, lenses Canon 24-105 4L, 50mm 1.8, YN 35mm 2.0
For me an important factor is preparation. I very much like to work together with the makeup artist. Her work reduces to me time for a retouch. I like to do many creative shootings where there is always an opportunity to experiment and to slowly achieve the correct light-and-shade drawing. If there is a qualitative source code in the RAW format, then it is necessary to spend a little time for a retouch and to receive worthy result.

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