Words Cut

I created this image to promote awareness about how Bullying can effect others. How their "words can cut". How you never know how your words might be ...
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I created this image to promote awareness about how Bullying can effect others. How their "words can cut". How you never know how your words might be taken by another person.
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barbaranelson PRO+
barbaranelson October 04, 2017
So very sad but it happens way too often. It was happening when I was A Child and it just keeps on going.
tanyahope PRO
tanyahope October 04, 2017
Very moving and sad :'(
lindathomasBAhons Premium
lindathomasBAhons October 15, 2017
Should be on a worldwide awareness campaign
olmeister6 PRO+
olmeister6 November 09, 2017
I do not think such a disturbing picture s for this photographic forum and this should be withdrawn
elizabethkuhn Premium
elizabethkuhn May 14, 2018
I agree. i am wondering why take a picture? I personally would be trying to stop it.
Rikki-LeeWrightson May 14, 2018
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dorightjaq July 01, 2018
this picture is an incredible piece of STORY TELLING AND AWARENESS, more people should have it in there insperations....we as photographers should tell more of these stories. Yes it is disturbing to look at, but it's a hard truth pf our society and needs to be addressed. BRAVO Rikki i am a Fan
Shellie_Hill December 10, 2017
You have created an incredibly powerful image that speaks volumes. Bravo!
Elijah_sad March 21, 2018
NO please no no!
dellaina PRO
dellaina April 01, 2018
Moving image of such a sad, but real issue!
speterson6 PRO+
speterson6 April 24, 2018
A little creepy, hard to look at :-((
sterretje May 14, 2018
Disgusting photo!!!
JM18Photography PRO+
JM18Photography May 14, 2018
sharonlmeade May 14, 2018
Incredible imagery. Well done.
NiaWolf May 15, 2018
This photo is so sad but true.... :( You´ve made a great work
lindathomasBAhons Premium
lindathomasBAhons May 15, 2018
Sometimes it takes an image to really bring home a message - this is such an image. When I look at my scars and now those of my teanage grandson I know what this image is all about. I take nature images which are pretty and soothing to my soul. This is a stand out image
DebbieKMiller81 PRO+
DebbieKMiller81 May 15, 2018
I hope that she didn’t actually cut herself. I was a victim all through my school years. I know how hurtful words can be. I ended up with physical damage from being bullied.
fourwalls PRO
fourwalls May 16, 2018
I am really disturbed and distressed by this picture.
nickrcorbett June 15, 2018
great photo that creates strong opinions in others....
AngieEllen June 17, 2018
This Pricture Speaks Volumes... I don't think this picture needs to be withdrawn. I think it needs to be an awareness poster!! I'm glad that there is people Disturbed by this picture.. That means We aren't completely desensitized. It will be a sad day when a Photo like this one doesn't disturb people@
Great-shocking photo...

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Behind The Lens

We took this photo this photo in my bathroom.
This photo was taken at lunchtime when the natural light is quite bright in my bathroom.
I have a single window above the bath to my subjects left. I diffused the light by hanging a sheer curtain in front of the window.
Nikon d750 with a tamron 24-70 2.8 Camera. Nothing more. :-)
My 8 year old daughter (the subjject of this photo) was suffering from being bullied earlier that year. Other girls her age were calling her fat and said her tummy was really big and other cruel things. It got to her and as a result, we took her to counselling to help her deal with it. It helpe her alot and gave her perspective on bullying. I suggested we do a photo to help other kids realise how bullyng effects the victim. Together we came to this image. She had actually thought of cutting her tummy in the midst of her bullying so we decided to show that in this image. At each stage I made sure my daughter was comfortable with the image we were about to create and she was excited to make this photo as bold as possible to really make bullies aware of what their bullying does to their victims. We are both extremely proud of this image. We know its hard to look at, but my daughter wanted it that way to really bring the message home.
Absolutely. The blood etc is all a composite as are tears etc. I took photos of red dye and water droplets to add into this image. I took the colour saturation down to give it a more of a depressive feel and made the blood really stand out.
In my camera bag
I only own 3 items. My camera which is a Nikon d750 my indoor portrait lense, the Tamron 24-70 2.8 and my outdoor lense, Sigma 70-200 2.8.
Be very very very mindful of how this effects your subjectbefore ever starting anything this emotional. Ensure they are completely comfortable and able to handle this scenario. Lastly, be prepared for alot of people to frown upon such a shocking image. You will get many people voicing their own discrace at creating such an image.

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