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Alwolfe Premium
Alwolfe September 26, 2017
Absolutely beautiful photo!
Ruslichang November 29, 2017
Many thanks Alwolfe

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Tanjung Pendam, Belitung Sumatera Island, Indonesia. When business trip to that city.
Maybe it was a luck for me, when I walked on the beach not far from the hotel where I was staying, I saw a large ship that washed up on the beach, I happened to bring a camera and tripod, before I photograph in another spot. At that time the sunlight began to disappear around 18:00 PM, as soon as I open tripot and pair my camera to take photos of the ship. As the weather was getting dark, I decided to use the HDR photo technique, incorporating 3 frames. This was taken on March 28, 2014.
This photo was taken without the use of lights, only available light. Speed 30".
This was shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with EF 17-40mm lens and Sirui tripod. Settitng at F/22, speed 30s and ISO 100.
The big boat on the beach we had never seen before, became my inspiration. At that time the sea was receding, so the beach becomes more widespread.
This photo in my process by using Photomatix Pro.4 program, merge 3 frame photos, Then process in Photoshop CS6.
In my camera bag
Inside the camera bag, I always carry 2 body camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II and SONY Alpha 7 mark II with EF 17-40mm lens and EF 70-200mm. And I always carry a tripod.
Photography is not only "SEEN", but also "FEEL". If you can not FEEL what you SEE, then you will never make other people feel something when viewing your photos....

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