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Sep, 2017

Lighting the Milky Way

Autoportrait with the Milky Way in the background. Far away Rovinj cityis visible.

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Behind The Lens

This is photo taken in Croatia in the city of Rovinj during the holidays
Of course this is a night. Croatian shore is one of these places where there is almost no light pollution, cities are small and sky is blue and stars are shining
There was no additional light, just some street lamps 20 meters away on the boulevard. I am wearing my headlamp (nothing fancy, just ordinary one)
This is one of my first shots taken with Sony A7 camera, where noise level is much more acceptable then in previous A77. Of course there was a tripod and fast wide lens (Tokina 11-17mm F2.8) - the only one I had this time on me. While this lens does not cover full frame on 11mm end I could use it on 17mm with just a little vignetting.
I love night photography withe elements of Light Painting with Milky Way on them and there is not that many possibilities during the year... so this was the first thing I wanted to do after purchase of my new body.
Just simple LR operations to darken the city of Rovinj a little bit and to light up first plan.
In my camera bag
Recently it is Sony A7 camera, that leaves a lot of free space in my PeakDesign bag for lots of lenses, torches, and other lighting equipment for Light Painting. During the day shooting I love to carry old manual lenses like Helios 40 (85mm F1.5) or other that produce soft focus and circular bokeh. For night shots it is always fast wide AF lens (recently Minolta) I also do carry a sock filled with silica gel (one that you can find by electronic equipment you by) to protect my gear from moisture.
It is quite hard to tell how well did it go during the night - so never stop after first success - during the post processing you will find out that the best shot is usually not the one you believed it would be. Before each try focus the camera (the worst part is when you do 20 shots on one focusing, that during the processing appears to be wrong one) Use any possible help to level the camera (at night you never know) Have fun!

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