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Mdubien October 13, 2017
J’adore le macro
eelcovanroden January 21, 2018
Congratulations on your Challenge Win!
nandicmb January 21, 2018
Congratulations on your People's Choice category win in Your Best Macro Water Drop Shots Photo Challenge!
soniaclement January 21, 2018
1st time I win a photo challenge !!! Thank you all for your appreciation :) It feels sooooo good !
Mishlyn January 24, 2018
Wow, great shot sister ;)

Diamond drops

What will happen to US, if water disapear... ?
What will happen to US, if water disapear... ?
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People's Choice in Your Best Macro Waterdrop Shots Photo Challenge
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Behind The Lens

I was cooking my dinner, on August 5th 2017, as I noticed all those raindrops on my roses, on my porch...
It was 11 O'clock in the morning, and chikadees were bathing on neighbors roof. As I was smiling, looking at them, I couldn't resist capturing those raindrops...
I thought that ''sepia'' was the best way to make those raindrops spark like diamonds...
Nikon Coolpix S9400 is my bestfriend for almost 3 years now. I still have my Canon Powershot & my Kodak Easyshare that I play with, once in a while...
Since I moved to Belgium, few years ago, I find out that RAIN is part of the picture, a bit too often for me, but I'm a Chameleon, so I let it grow on me lol It gives great opportunities for ''macro'' captures of raindrops.
I used Ipiccy Photo Editor to maximise my captures... Sometimes, it's just ''something'' that need to be taken away, but most of the time, it's to light up my subjects.
In my camera bag
As I'm a light traveller, I only have my Nikon in it's protective bag and be sure battery is full loaded :)
As I'm an amateur photograph, I always appreciate constructive comments to help me get better... I found out that the best time to capture this kind of subject, is when there's no wind at all, it helps ! :)

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