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T-photos June 01, 2018
this is absolutely stunning!

java words

writing banner say "welcome ..." with java words
writing banner say "welcome ..." with java words
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at the location of water source "SendangAgung Sidoarjo East Java Indonesia" the location is still natural with views of the rice fields
While there is a celebration of the opening of this water source tour was opened, at that time there is a local character doing writing jawa script at 11 noon with dim sunlight
When light is sufficient with the sun there is no need for flashing so that the light looks natural
dengan camera kesukaan saya mirroless canon 6D dengan lensa super 24-70 mm F.4 untuk segala acara, tentunya perlu membawa flashing
someone who writes Javanese script is a very special person and then immediately express in words on a piece of wood is a rare thing This needs to be preserved and documented
to create a beautiful photo needs to be edited, just like a movie needs to be edited to make it nice to watch. I always use simple lightingroom application
In my camera bag
All camera accesoris. most importantly there is a lens cleaner
try and capture anyting

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